It is a mattress topper that you place on top of your current mattress. It has an extra layer of gel memory foam or another alternative cooling method that can help keep your body temperature down while sleeping. There are two main reasons why people purchase this. First, they want to help reduce dust mite allergies (which go hand in hand with hot sleep). And help with the overall comfort level during sleep.

How does it work?

The toppers use gel technology, which draws heat away from the body, allowing for more comfortable sleep temperatures.

A few temperature controls are available these days, ranging from traditional to advanced options. Which can adjust with the touch of a button on your mobile device or computer. For example, one of the best online sites to buy the best cooling mattress topper, which comes to our mind is the SLEEPINGMENTOR.COM’.

The cooling mattress topper uses its heating/cooling system, allowing you to control the temperature using Wi-Fi connectivity. A mobile app displays where your bedroom is too hot or cold. There are different temperature zones within your bed, so you can set each zone differently, and it will automatically affect them accordingly.

You can buy more expensive versions with dual-zone controls or more advanced versions that allow you to control your mattress temperature using your phone. What are the health benefits of using a cooling mattress pad? (and what about dust mites?)

Health benefits can include:

Elevated bedroom temperatures, which are very common during summer months in some areas can lead to poor sleep quality and waking up with body aches.

A cooling mattress pad ensures that you get comfortable sleep throughout the night, especially for those who live in warmer climates. Dust mites are also found in higher quantities on mattresses when more humidity is present, in all environments.

Some people find it helpful for their asthma/allergies if they use an organic mattress cover.


How much does it cost?

Depends on the quality and size of the topper. The most basic cooling mattress toppers can range from $50 to-100. More advanced ones can be as high as $500+. The cover must be washable so that you do not have to buy additional sheets or mattress covers.

They also allow for easy removal and washing. Can you DIY this or how would I make one myself? Yes, there are tons of tutorials online which show you how to sew your cooling pad pillow. Which you could then use underneath your existing mattress cover or sheet.


You can also buy gel inserts for cushions, even sew the fabric onto an existing pillow with the gel inside. We hope this article helped you out, for buying the best mattress toppers you can visit your nearby store or you can buy online at SLEEPINGMENTOR.COM Feel free to comment on any feedback or questions you may have down below.



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