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What is Nassau County doing to protect police?

Since 2010, there has been a total of 363 officers who have been killed while being on the line of duty. The highest amount came in 2011 as according to the FBI website, there was a total of 72 law enforcement officers killed. In 2016, it seems police officers being killed are going to be high as it seems that we are constantly hearing about cops being killed. The areas where this seems to happen are areas where there is a huge tension between the public and the police force. I recently interviewed Ed Magano, Supervisor of Nassau County in New York about what Nassau County officials are doing to prevent these cop killings from happening on Long Island.

When asked him about what Nassau County is doing to prevent cops from being killed on Long Island and he had a few things that are being done. For starters, where the normal protocol was to have one police member per a police car now its two per a car. This was done to make sure that all of the cops have some backup with them. I am all for this idea as I feel it’s never wrong to have a police officer back up another police officer. Mr. Mangano also mentioned how Nassau County has a group of individuals who have the job of monitoring social media usage using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. When I asked him if it’s just one group or its people who are delegated to each site, he said it’s just one group of people.

Also, I brought up what Nassau County is doing for the cops as far as helping the cops. He said, there are different things added to the police cars. He said that the police cars are equipped with different tactical gear and different types of guns. He also mentioned how Nassau County asks its residents that if you see something, say something. Nassau residents are asked if they see something to report to the Nassau County through the Nassau County crime reporter app. Also, Nassau holds seminars throughout the year. The next active shooter seminar is for firefighters and is being scheduled for August 10th.

Overall, I also feel that Mr. Mangano and his officials are doing positive things for the safety of the police force. It can be said that Nassau is in good shape as he put it, there is no known problem between the public and the police force. If anything, it is nice to see that Nassau County is keeping a good bridge between public and the police force.

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