If you are planning to have an efficient heating system in your home, then there cannot be a better option than the gas ducted heating system. Known for its amazing benefits such as cost-effectiveness, safety features, and emission of clean energy, having gas as the source of energy for heating your home can indeed be a wise decision. This article provides a complete overview of the various expenses that are associated with the system, thereby helping you to take an appropriate decision.

The Advantages of Gas Ducted Heating System:

If you are confused about the installation of electric or gas heating systems, then do think about their longevity, over the initial installation and supply costs. Opting for the gas-based solutions can seem to be a wiser option as compared to any other alternatives, if you take into consideration the various advantages that they have to offer as seen below:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower emission of greenhouse gases and
  • Low installation and repair costs too

Most of the gas ducted heating system can be utilized either using LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or natural gas. Though, LPG may prove to be more expensive than the latter, still it is more affordable than electricity. The value of electrical changes is calculated in terms of kWh (kilowatts), where the rates of gas are measured in mega joules. You can view the various comparisons below:

Gas Ducted Heating

  • The cost of running the system on natural gas is 3% less than LPG and 5% less than electricity
  • The cost of running system on electricity is about 3% more than LPG and 5% more than natural gas
  • The cost of running system on LPG is 2% more than natural gas and about 5% less than that of LPG.

The percentages are indicative, and the exact value depends upon where you live and the power charges. However, the results are loud and clear: gas stands to be one of the cheapest source of energy in comparison to other prominent heating options.

How Much Should You Spend for Ducted Gas Heating System?

Understanding the related expenses of having a gas ducted heating system is not that easy. This is because there are several aspects that have to be taken into consideration, such as installation charges, maintenance charges, repair work, replacements and restoration services. A good practice is to request for free quotes from reputed companies when you plan to install the appliances in your homes for having a better idea about your expenses.

Besides this, most of the companies that provide these systems even come up with installation services, making them the one-stop destination for all your heating needs. On the contrary, if your company does not offer installation services then don’t be disheartened as you can make use of their expertise, competence and network to find suitable professionals around.

Remember, the key expenses of owing gas ducted heating system can be divided into three independent categories and these are:

  • Purchasing the gas heating system and associated materials
  • Choosing the ideal installer for the process
  •  Time-to-time maintenance and care of the systems

Even though gas is an affordable source of fuel, make sure that you choose an appropriate size and type of heating system that is able to deliver the much-needed comfort and maintain optimal temperature within the indoors of your home. Along with that, you have to perform periodic maintenance, so as to ensure that their performance does not wither with time. Making a note of these three aspects will help you realize the average expenses of installing gas ducted heating system.

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