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Any businessperson of the 21st Century is, no doubt, familiar with VoIP phone systems. VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which uses both computer hardware and software applications in the utilization of networked computer phone transmission rather than the traditional PSTN system, Public Switched Telephone Network, that uses copper wiring to carry a continual analog signal that results in the transfer of signals to data storage. 

VoIP, by contrast to analog signals, converts sound to a digital voice communication, which is then transferred to Internet broadband. The VoIP communication system provides to businesses and individuals such advantages as: 

  1. Lower phone call costs.
  2. Quick and easy communication from any location in the world and always with same phone number!
  3. VoIP allows the ‘old phone’ to be kept using a phone system converter or telephone adapter that takes those analog signals and converts them to digital formatted data. 

Any business, or individual, that uses Skype or Face time are familiar with a VoIP phone communication system. Other VoIP examples include: the ‘cloud’ system and Smart phone devices to make calls as well as use of video conference calling, text messaging, or using CRM applications, Customer Relationship Management, that providing access to sales leads, business contacts, show customer or employee data, access of any business information necessary to share with a client, on the spot!


Working in conjunction with your VoIP communication system and IP communication of your PC or Mac operating system is SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, an acronym that says it all! Think of SIP, for analogy purpose, as that traditional telephone operator at the phone company connecting one phone line to other phone lines. SIP uses a softphone within the computer’s hardware or from ‘the cloud.’ A softphone is a software application that enables the connecting of VoIP communication from any computer device.

Softphones are the reason why so many workers now have the luxury of working virtually, otherwise called remotely, from any location other than the actual business office. With Softphone apps your employee has everything of a traditional desk phone except the copper wires and dangling phone cord. Employees communicating via the computer internet use a dial pad, place call on mute, hold, or transfer a call; just as was the traditional desk phone, as well as use the features of video conferencing, visual voicemail management, chat, and SMS, text messaging.

Why Choose ZoiPer Softphones?

The ZoiPer Softphone works with such computer platforms as: Mac OS, Linux, or Windows, iOS, Android, or a browser in an easy-to-use interface to listen to audio, video, fax, or instant messaging. The ZoiPer Softphone can be either ‘cloud’ based or used within the hardware of one’s computer device and is compatible to such commonly used internet service browsers as Firefox, Explorer, and Safari for the Mac. ZoiPer software can be used in mobile phone operations and for those businesses needing a softphone without the use of phone service provider.

Some additional features that users of ZoiPer software will love include: automatic voice answering, call recording, jitter buffers, clock skew compensation, and delay reduction. The ZoiPer Softphone system can bring together all one’s contacts that it finds within such computer ‘clients’ as Outlook, Windows, Android, Android and iOS into one concise address list and ensures the privacy of business or personal information with a free encrypting service of text, voice and video messaging.

Pairing ZoiPer with Virtual Phone Numbers

One reason that ZoiPer can be a powerful solution for your business is that it can be paired with virtual phone numbers to allow you to reach (and be reached) by nearly any market around the world. By subscribing with a qualified service provider, like United World Telecom, you gain the call forwarding benefits that come with virtual phone numbers, as well as a host of vital add-ons.

These add-ons can boost the functionality of ZoiPer’s incredible service, such as all you to offer toll free numbers to your customers, vanity numbers to add a visual impact to your marketing efforts, and call recording—a feature that can make your business compliant with international regulatory organizations particularly in the banking, finance, and investing industries.

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