Ever seen a tongue split? Maybe you’re thinking about getting it done? We found out what it’s like, how much it hurts, tricks you can do with it, what men and women think about it, and the things you should consider before getting it done. Lulu Lotus, a You Tuber and vegan children’s book author tells us all about it.
Lulu Lotus Split Tongue
Lulu Lotus shows us her split tongue.
1.) What inspired you to get your tonque split?
As a child I remember seeing someone with a tongue split in a Guinness World Record book- I was instantly drawn to it. Fast forward over 10 years later- I stumbled upon some tongue split videos on Instagram and ended up finding a body mod artist who was coming to town. I jumped at the idea and booked an appointment right away.
Venow piercing on split tongue
Venom piercings on Lulu Lotus’s split tongue.
2.) How much did it hurt and how was the healing process?
I gave birth to both of my sons without an epidural and would say the tongue split hurt more! I didn’t expect such severe pain but tongues heal very quickly. I had the stitches removed 6 days after the procedure, which I found worse than the healing process. I was very swollen and some of the stitches were stuck in my tongue. The healing process is very different for each person- I know someone who said he ate pizza the first day he had the procedure done. 

3.) Any changes in your speech or taste?

My speech was only affected for the first few weeks until I adjusted to having two tongues. Following the procedure food didn’t taste the way it used to- it’s common to lose some taste buds but they do grow back. I also had some numbness in the tips of my tongues which went away after a few weeks. 
Lulu Lotus split tongue licking whisk
Possibly the most enticing way to lick a whisk. Scroll down to watch the video.

4.) How have men reacted to it compared to women?

Men definitely view it in a sexual light- typically thinking of oral sex when they first see it. I find that the ones who aren’t typically interested in body mods are still attracted to it for that reason. Some women love it and tell me they’re inspired to get it done. Others hate it- I’d guess it’s because it can appear threatening/seductive especially if they don’t want their partner to be interested in it.

5.) Were your friends surprised you got your tonque split?

Most of my friends weren’t surprised because they know I’ve always had very different interests. The ones that were surprised were more shocked with the procedure itself compared to me having it done. Some people have never heard of tongue splitting before so it’s something that they’ve never imagined. 
Split tongue tricks
Lulu Lotus playing with chips with her split tongue.

6.) What kind of tricks can you do with your split tonque?

I’m blessed with a very flexible tongue so I can do many different tricks. I don’t know exactly what their names are but I’m able to twist and contort it in different ways. I can form a 3 leafed clover, do the wave, clap, puff it up, lick my lips from both sides, rub it together, punch with it. I can even use it like a third hand and pick up/throw food and other items. 

7.) Any advice for those considering this body modification? 

I’d recommend finding a legitimate person to do the procedure in your area- join body mod groups and ask for recommendations. Just like any surgery the risks involved are important to research so make sure you fully understand what can go wrong. During the first few days after the procedure I’d recommend trying to talk as little as possible- resting your tongue is so important. Do whatever you can to reduce and keep swelling to a minimum.
You can follow Lulu Lotus and her wild tongue on her You Tube channel, on her Instagram and here too.
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