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There are tons of environment-friendly ways to build or reconstruct a house using sustainable materials. Finding a builder who has sustainable values, requires a lot of research. Researching online is good and you get to know all the aspects with just a click. Every builder won’t make your home as sustainable as you want it to be. The requirements to build a house are not much, and go on with minimum requirements only. However, those builders who take sustainable seriously will say that less is not enough.

There are only a few builders who stick to their promises, and follow a no-waste policy on the site. There is a famous builder, known as Home Builders Christchurch. They are known for their professionalism. They strictly abide by the no waste policy. They have a reputation for building award winning homes from last 3 decades. They build your house like building their own. You can directly visit their website mikegreerhomes, to build or renovate your house to an eco-friendly one.

Principles To Consider For An Eco-Friendly Home

  • Site And Community – Nature can’t be categorized. Works on our piece of land affects the overall ecosystem. A true eco-home must preserve, protect, and rejuvenate the landscape, by taking attention to the climate, flora and fauna of that area. Almost 60% of the indigenous birds of new Zealand have been slaughtered by humans and pests. More than 60% of the forest area has been converted into farmlands. Many of the surviving creatures are in the verge of extinction. Humans should play a part in preserving the irreversible natural habitat, which support our annual GDP.
  • Efficiently Using Renewable Natural resource – Sustainable homes uses resources which are free and renewable. But being dependent on all natural resources , some way we reduce or in some cases eliminate the use of energy derived from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels, etc, finally we reduce the load on our wallet. Building our home with an innovative design, where we use all the naturally available renewable source of energy in a systematic way. Good insulation is also necessary to keep the heat it has gained through solar energy, for a comfortable living.
  • Choose low-Impact Material – Buildings are compound structures that perform many different functions. So, when it comes to materials there are few rights or wrong choices. Local wood may be initially a good choice for greener home, but concrete floors are far better than timber to store free heat from the sun. 

Things you need from the material used to build the house are: Fit for the purpose, non toxic, sustainably sourced, recyclable, biodegradable, stylish and pleasing. The material should be assessed to know how they are made, transported, recycled, and disposed of keeping in mind about the environment.

  • Waste To Regeneration – “Reduce Reuse Recycle”. When it is about reducing environmental impact, firstly you reduce the amount you buy, second reuse those things you already have, finally recycle those things whose use have ended. Modern recycling is not the actual recycling method where the material is returned to its original form. Our future is in learning from nature, how to recycle and make them always available. The man-made materials should be made in such a way which can be recycled to give a new life to the product without hampering the nature.

Getting connected to the nature, along with having a world class style is the need of the hour. So, to live in this environment, it’s our duty to protect and preserve it, and don’t let anyone, be it a builder destroy the nature for sake of a house.

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