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What To Remember Before Playing At An Online Casino In Japan

Whether or not you are an experienced online casino player you will be in for a surprise when you try to enjoy this pastime in Japan, as there are lots of rules and restrictions which you will need to respect and follow, even if they don’t seem to make much sense!

To get the most out of playing an online casino in Japan you need to keep the following things in mind.

Japan has always had a very conservative approach to all kinds of gambling

There are few and-base casinos in the country, and those that do exist only admit foreigners, that is non-Japanese nationals. Strict identification checks are in place to make sure this is always the case. Wagering is allowed to some extent on sporting events, with horse racing being a particularly popular option, though again this is closely controlled by the government and (officially) only small-scale bets are accepted. Even today only horse, bike, and boat racing along with motorbiking sports are legal to bet on.

Only ‘skill-based’ gambling is allowed

Any game which involves wagering and offers even a small possibility of benefitting by sheer chance is outlawed. Even Facebook game tournaments which you can pay play for fun, using fake money you have been awarded for fun, are not allowed. However, games like Pachinko, which are classed as fun based and offer prizes rather than cash are completely legal, dominate the Japanese gambling landscape, and in recent years the national Lotto game has been allowed too.

You will not find a Japanese operated online casino website

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular in Japan but the only way residents or visitors can play is to use a casino operated by a foreign company. The good news is that more and more foreign-owned online casinos are offering Japanese language options, so players can make full use of the site without communication problems. Check out japan-101.com for a closer look at some of the top foreign-operated casinos which are good choices for Japanese people interested in playing online slots, as well as table games such as poker and blackjack.

Always check an online gambling company’s website credentials

For the best possible online gaming experience it’s safest to only register and play with an online casino which holds a gambling commission license from a respected country such as the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, or the Philippines. This will provide peace of mind that the games are regulated and fair, and the sites are safe when it comes to sharing financial and personal data.

Set up a suitable bank account

It’s best to use a separate account to fund online casino activity, and NETELLER is a decent option. It acts like a bank account (online) and you have the bonus of a debit card from MasterCard.

The law may change soon

The government is currently discussing changes which would allow Japanese resents and visitors to access Japanese owned and operated online casinos. If this happens then a huge new market will be open for both players and investors to enjoy.

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