2019 NBA Playoffs: Warriors Pay For Extended Series With Clippers

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The Golden State Warriors on Friday night took care of business something that didn’t happen in game two when the Los Angeles Clippers rallied from a 31 point deficit and for looking ahead in game five.

Kevin Durant came out on fire in the first half scoring 38 points and ending with 50 he also added six rebounds and five assists. Draymond Green provided the energy and the tone defensively while recording a triple-double 16 points, 14 rebounds and 10 assists. He also added four blocks.  The defense much more engaged made Lou Williams work for every shot and he went 3-21 from the field. Stephen Curry added 24 points, six assists and six rebounds.

Still eliminating the Clippers also came with a price. DeMarcus Cousins tore his quad in game two and is out for the remainder of the playoffs. Game six saw Curry and Klay Thompson injure their ankles, yet remain in the game. Reports are now indicating that the two are questionable for game one against the Houston Rockets.


From appearances though it seems that Thompson’s injury is more significant which means Curry is more likely to play. Andre Iguodala will start and Alfonso McKinnie and possibly Jonas Jerebko playing a bigger role off the bench.

If Thompson does play look for Steve Kerr to limit his minutes.



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