Improve Your Sleep with a good mattresses

Do you struggle to keep cool at night? Are you forever blasting a fan or opening all the windows just to try and bring your temperature down? If so, you should look at getting a mattress with cooling technology. As you seek the best cooling mattress to help with banishing body heat, there are plenty of factors to consider. Let’s explore these further and see what types of cooling technologies are available in mattresses. 

Cooling Gels

Typically, you’ll find cooling gel technology in memory foam mattresses. Normally these mattresses are infused with cooling gels or beads throughout their composition. Or they may have a layer on top of them instead. These gels are cool to the touch, and they help to draw the heat away from your body as your temperature increases throughout the night. Cooling gels can also be used in other mattresses such as latex, but as memory foam tends to be warmer, you’ll most likely find them in those ones. 

Phase Change Molecules

Phase change molecules (PCMs) can work very well to help keep you cool. They’re infused into the surface, so again your mattress will feel cold when you touch it. Once you lay on it, the molecules change from a solid to a liquid as they absorb the heat that’s released from your body. This helps to pull any warmth away from you and into the mattress, keeping you cooler for longer. You don’t have to worry about becoming too cold either, as the heat that’s absorbed can be released back to your body as you sleep.  

Natural Fibres

If you don’t want to go for something that’s always cold, you could look into mattresses that utilise natural fibres. These don’t actually make you feel cold, but they work really well at regulating your body temperature. This is because materials like wool and cotton are naturally breathable, which then helps to keep you cool. They’re also great for wicking away sweat and heat, so you can have a wonderful, chilled sleep. 


Lots of mattresses are seeing the benefits of having lots of ventilation built into them. For instance, some have perforations all over them to enable air to circulate efficiently. This then helps the mattress cool down completely, thus reducing your body temperature. 


This might seem like a strange one but adding copper to mattresses is actually a great way to make it cooler. Copper has a very high thermal conductivity which means that any warmth will pass through it super fast. Allowing the heat to escape rather than be retained enables you to remain cool and comfortable all night long. 

Finding the right mattress to stop you from overheating at night is easier than ever. There are so many options available, and you don’t have to compromise on comfort either. You might want your bed to feel cool to the touch, so gels will be perfect for you. Alternatively, you might want it to be fully breathable, so make sure you go for a mattress with plenty of ventilation. Being too hot at night can now be a thing of the past, so don’t let yourself suffer anymore. Make the switch to a top-of-the-range cooling mattress now! 

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