There are many reasons why Instagram is so addictive, but for a lot of us, it’s the pictures of people’s houses that are like potato chips. Just one is never enough. In fact, it’s not hard to spend hours scrolling through pictures, savoring the decor, and envisioning what it would feel like to be in such surroundings.

And then there are the photos where the scenery is, well, not so great. There are the photos where the backdrop is so distracting, the design so atrocious, you just can’t focus on anything else.

So how do you get the one and avoid the other? In fact, designing the ultimate Instagram backdrop isn’t that difficult. All you need is some time and a plan. This article will give you the best tips for creating the ultimate Instagram backdrop.


Whether it’s you or your home that’s meant to be the star of your Instagram photos, the last thing you want is a lot of background clutter stealing the show. So before you start snapping away, take the time to clear out your space. 

Focus not only on getting rid of things that you no longer need or want, but also on those items that no longer reflect you or your personal style. You can donate these items to charity or even make a few extra bucks selling them online or at your local consignment store.

The key here is to get rid of any unnecessary distractions. Every element in your home, and in your photos, should reflect something meaningful. Your background decor, in other words, should be carefully curated to show your audience who you are and what you love.

Choose Your Style and Color Palette 

Just as you don’t want a bunch of clutter creating a confusing and unpleasant backdrop for your Instagram portfolios, you will also want to avoid a hodgepodge of styles and a cacophony of colors. Instead, focus on a cohesive design scheme and a complementary color palette. 

For example, you can blend neutrals if you are seeking to create a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit peppier and more dynamic, then you might opt for sunshiny yellows, sea greens, or aqua blues.

When it comes to choosing a design style, spend some time exploring social media, magazines, and even the homes of your friends and family members. Notice what elements you most respond to. What kinds of furnishings and accents make you feel happiest and most at ease? Do you find yourself drawn to shabby chic? Does a country cottage make you smile? Does mid-century modern light you up? 

Figuring this out is the first step to creating a design scheme that not only makes sense but also helps you transform your house into a home.  Once you’ve done that, your Instagram photos are going to go from so-so to share-worthy!

Use Lighting Effectively

Every photographer, no matter how inexperienced, knows how important lighting is to taking phenomenal photos. So if you want to create a breathtaking Instagram backdrop, you will want to harness the magic of natural light. 

At the very least, you’ll want to turn off those garish overhead lights and open up your blinds and draperies to the fullest, letting the sunlight flood into your room. If you’re focusing on a single subject, whether a person or an object, then try positioning them beside the window and placing a light-catching white backdrop to bathe them in a soft glow while eliminating shadows.

Add Plants

If you want to make your backdrops feel homey and inviting, you can’t go wrong by adding plants. Plants can soften the space and fill up blank corners without cluttering them. Best of all, they can literally and figuratively breathe life into the photo.

They’re also a creative way to add a pop of color, drawing the audience’s eye and catching their interest. This is especially true if you use your emerald green foliage or jewel-toned blossoms to contrast with an otherwise monochrome background for an ultra-sophisticated aesthetic.

Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls aren’t just for museums anymore. In fact, a gallery wall can be the perfect way to cultivate a memorable, meme-worthy Instagram photo. Gallery walls are simple to create and they give you the chance to unleash your creativity. Best of all, because you don’t see them often, a gallery wall is a fun and stress-free way to make your images stand out!

The Takeaway

You probably love scrolling through Instagram to indulge in all the gorgeous designs, but you don’t have to settle for being merely a spectator. You can also create stunning Instagram photos and striking backdrops with just a bit of know-how, some planning, and a little effort. All it takes is some good lighting, a cohesive design and color scheme, and a good decluttering!

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