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What was Brock Lesnar accused of using?

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All eye will be on Las Vegas next Saturday as UFC 200 will be coming from the T-Mobile Arena. This seems to be a nice card as Daniel Cormier will fight Jon Jones, Miesha Tate goes up against Amanda Nunes, Jose Aldo goes up against Frankie Edgar, but what everyone is looking forwards to is the return of the beast Brock Lesnar as he will be going up against Mark Hunt. This is Brock’s first match in UFC since UFC 121 when he lost to Cain Velasquez. It was announced a back on June 4th that Brock was going to be returning to the octagon. However it has not been good times for him as many people including his opponent Mark Hunt has accused Brock of using steroids. One condition that was made when it was announced that Brock would return was that he did not have to get drug tested. UFC has a rule that a participant needs to be drug tested for four months before he can return to action. UFC did this for Brock Lesnar because he is also tested for drug usage by WWE, so UFC did not feel it needed to do more drug testing. Lesnar had an interesting response to these allegations by saying, “I have been dealing with that my entire life,” he said. “ I am a white boy and I am jacked– deal with it. What do you want me to say? I’m a white boy and I’m jacked , Deal with it.” From reading those comments, it seems that Brock Lesnar is not getting affected by people who are accusing him of using steroids. As a wrestling fan, I have listened to many interviews done by wrestlers of WWE and many of them deny that they cheat by using steroids. This seems to be a card that is well put together and one that will hopefully live up to the hype. Also this match has a lot of play as far as what happens story line wise for him in WWE.  http://gty.im/461006908

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