Those who enjoy life will regard every day a brand new day. Perhaps you may think it is challenging to do so as well as to maintain such a feeling. However, as long as you harness a little bit of ingenuity in life, you will not have the tedious and dreary sense of life. For example, buy yourself a new dress, try a new drink, or set a colourful glass table lamp in your room.

A table lamp can brighten not only your room but also your heart as it is a kind of accompany with its unique status in people’s mind over the past decades. When you are young, a table lamp accompanied you through many hard-working studying nights in every semester. When you grow up, a table lamp witnesses countless overtime working and your efforts for a better life. Under the table lamp, there are stories about happiness and sadness. Thus, what you can have to light up your life, no matter in ups and downs is a coloured glass table lamp. Among all various table lamps in the market, coloured glass table lamps can better satisfy all your demands, not just for lighting as a traditional function.

High-end design and superior quality from leading lighting and home decoration manufacturer called BRLIGHTING provide plenty of products to meet all the customers’ needs. Founded in 1998, BRLIGHTING is a manufacturer specialized in producing home lighting and accessories. With over 20 years of lighting manufacturing experience and technique, the products of BRLIGHTING have been brought to more than 100 countries and regions with popularity. Now, we are going to introduce a glass table lamp in blue with black shade as an example that can be set in the room and see how it lights up not just your surrounding but also your life.

Modern Design

This product is widely appreciated for its beautiful and contemporary design in color, shape, and style. It consists of two parts: the blue glaze glass body in a drop shape and cylinder black shade. Compared to the traditional desk lamps, this table lamp with black shade features the colour of the deep blue of the body and brings a leaping bright light. It is as beautiful as immersed in an endless quiet lake, which is a unique and fancy color tone.

Excellent Texture

With people’s pursuit of exquisite quality of life, the demand for consumer upgrading is gradually rising, which calls for the textured product. BRLIGHTING believes that texture comes from the right materials. This delicate and perfect product is mainly made up of glass and steel. Additionally, it takes time to perform a series of tedious procedures, and then a fine-carved blue glass table lamp is born.

Easy Matching

No matter where you want to place a table lamp, this product can perfectly fit for most settings of the places. Its affordable modern style is suitable for living room, bedroom, hotel, office, or anywhere you need a bunch of light and a warm feeling. Wherever it is, it makes a difference and sublimes the whole space.

Double Functions

The primary function of a lamp is lightening. The coloured glass table lamps itself, however, can also be a great decoration. It is aesthetic, and with its low profile characteristic, the lamp serves as a decoration quietly during day time. When you need it, it can also work for you with its warm light. Hence, it can bring you double benefits in one purchase.

All these features speak for BRLIGHTING’s excellent performance as a table lamp manufacturer. As a professional and reputable corporation, BRLIGHTING has an outstanding group with abundant experience and global vision. With its strength in research and development, it dedicates to provide the most competitive products to meet the needs of more customers. Therefore, if you are looking for a table lamp to light up your life, this colored blue glass table lamp is your top pick.

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