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What’s Better for Pets, Hemp, or CBD Oil?

A lot of consumers can’t differentiate the difference between Hemp and CBD and were here to help them out. When giving your pet anything food-related, you will do yourself a world of good by making sure what exactly is in it and how it works. This article will cover the difference and similarities between these two natural products – Hemp and CBD in pet food.

Hemp Oil

Let us begin by saying, both come from the same “Cannabis Sativa” plant. Thus, they share the same species, but still do have distinct differences. In the addition of food by-products, they can be extracted and sold in many forms i.e. as solid and liquid. Hemp fibres have also been used in clothing, but that’s a topic for another day.

So, pure hemp seed oil should not contain any CBD in it. Although some brands are not pure and do contain it in them, amongst other harmful ingredients. The oil of hemp seeds is extracted by pressing the seeds until the oil is excreted. As such because of the pure extraction of hemp oil from the seeds, there must not be any CBD in it.

It is a non-psychoactive element and has been known as one of the highest forms of protein you can add to your diet and lifestyle. As we know protein is a beneficial addition to our daily lives and has many benefits. Learn more about these health benefits of it here https://www.webmd.com/men/features/benefits-protein#1

Other advantageous components in hemp oil are Omega-3, Omega-6 essential fatty acids, and Omega-9, amino acids, and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). Sometimes some hemp oil products do contain CBD oil in them but very low levels. The best extraction processes will keep it away but if it does happen to have very low levels, it is not harmful to pets or humans.

Possible Benefits of Hemp Oil

As with most products the closer it is to a natural ingredient, the better it is. In the case of this oil, there have been many studies done to prove its health benefits, not to mention it has been added to various domestic pet products for both cats and dogs, and also other animal products such as for horses.

Some of the advantages that have been seen when added to pets’ diet are reducing joint pain, boosting overall immune system function, improving skin and coat health and unlike CBD oil, its benefits are mostly nutritional.


This oil, which also derives from the Hemp Plant, is usually extracted from the flowers, leaves, and stalks o the hemp plant. It is called CBD because it has the highest percentage of cannabinoids (natural compounds) found only in the cannabis plant family. Products that incorporate this into their ingredients typically are not supposed to have THC in them. Thich is the component that causes psychotic effects when ingested such as “getting-high”. Feel free to read more about this in my latest blog post.

Although it is often difficult to remove THC completely from the extraction process, reputable brands will have a very low amount of it in their products, which does not do any harm to your pets. It is a powerful element and has been known as the only element that can turn ‘on’ your (and your pet’s) Endocannabinoid System (ECS), in treating different ailments and strengthening the immune system. It is because both pets and humans have this similar ECS system, that we can both take CBD Oil, and often even use the same one for us and our pets.

Point to note: Always seek your vets’ advice before sharing any of your products with your pet.

Possible Benefits of CBD Oil

According to several different studies done on this ingredient, some of which are still on-going. It shows that CBD may be beneficial to humans in treating issues such as sleeplessness, glaucoma, loss of appetite, and even depression. Because both humans and dogs have similar ECS as mentioned above, researchers are studying the benefits of it on our pets too. You can gain an understanding of how this system works in our pets here.

Since the jury’s still out on this one, we must go with the studies that have already been done coupled with the observations of multiple pet owners who have started to introduce this into their pets’ diet. Some of the evidence shows that it has benefited some dogs in treating issues such as anxiety, pain, or inflammation caused by arthritis, certain skin conditions, and even seizures.

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The Choice Is Ultimately Yours

When starting your pet on anything new, especially something that is still in its prime as hemp or CBD Oil, make sure you are giving them the best of the lot and not some cheap knock-off filled with artificial fillers that can do more harm than good; organic should always be the first choice. As you have seen the difference between the two is nutritional versus treatment. One is not better than the other as they both have their benefits, so depending on what you want you are going for, you need to choose accordingly. However, the first step to this is to consult your vet and heed to their advice.

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