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What’s the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Roofing

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Many roofing styles can be chosen when you want residential roofing, and most homeowners know a bit about roofs because they have to keep up with the maintenance of them. However, some fewer people know about commercial roofing Atlanta and how it differs from residential.

Though both are similar in some ways, commercial roofing is different. So, let’s discuss the main differences between residential and commercial roofing and what makes them unique.

Differences Between Residential and Commercial Roofing

Types of Materials

The first difference between these two roofing types is the materials that are used for the job. Residential buildings are often made with a sloped design and colors and styles are based on the homeowner’s preferences. The most common materials are asphalt, tile, metal, or clay. These all have a certain aesthetic that will appeal to homebuyers when you sell the house.

However, in commercial roofing is focused on durability and longevity. A commercial building doesn’t usually have the same sloped roofs as homes do and are often flat. This means that you can use more types of materials to make the roof stronger and more durable. Commercial buildings use spray polyurethane foam, tar, and gravel, or concrete to do the job.


Another major difference is that commercial installations are much more involved than residential roof replacement. Residential buildings are typically smaller and use much less material, which allows you to have a high-end option without paying too much for it. However, with commercial buildings like malls, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, the building can be 1,000s of square feet.

So, the method of installation cannot afford to be the same. Think about how much time it would take to put a concrete shingle on one at a time. This would take months. So, instead, there are options like spray polyurethane foam that is sprayed onto the existing room and turns from a liquid to solid foam form. This will take much less time and allow the whole roof to be covered.

Roofing Issues

Some issues come with roofs that are very different when dealing with either a residential or commercial roof. When you are dealing with a house, there are some issues like weatherproofing and cleaning. However, with commercial buildings, you often have much more plumbing to deal with. This could make you have issues with leaks more than in a residential building.

If there are public restrooms in the building, this means that you have at least three or four times that amount of plumbing that is found in a typical house. So, making sure that the system will hold up with heavy-use and that it doesn’t have any leaks is important. If you have a small issue in the home, getting in there and fixing the problem will be easier than with a large commercial building.

Also, some issues may cause you to repair or replace a section of the roof. For residential roofing, this is pretty simple, but commercial buildings take a lot more to get the job done. This article on commercial roofing is brought to you by Colony Roofers, Atlanta roofing company.

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