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Indulging in buying and selling of stocks is a profitable way of making money. Different ways are there to make and lose money, but a suitable way is through trading skills. Nothing could be better than playing the best fantasy stock games available at the top financial websites. Even though these games need experience and confidence, playing regularly will increase your chances of gaining more. 

About Fantasy Stock Games 

Before proceeding ahead, it is important to know the games a bit. Different financial institutions offer these fantasy stock games, which you can play to have more fun. They are easy to use and simple programs that imitate the real-life workings of the markets. By picking up a suitable application, you can get engaged in the games weekly, daily, and redeem prizes anymore. Now let’s check out the top platforms where you can play these stock games. 

  • Vig 

Vig is a suitable platform to play fantasy stock games for free and then get in the money. Here you can choose from stocks, crypts, and ETFs. The site has an easy signup process that you can complete within three steps. You can play for free and claim a position in daily winners. It allows you to enter the first contest for free, and you can track your games also. This site will give you a bunch of different types of games. 

  • Wallet Street Survivor 

It is another fantasy stock market offering you a wide variety of games to play. Several courses are also available that will train you on how to play these games. The courses vary from newbie’s to advanced levels, which anyone can go through. By going through these programs, gamers can increase their chance to win more money. At Wallet Street Survivors, you can form leagues and start playing. 

  • Investopedia’s Stock Simulator is another stock trading simulator where you can practice selling and buying stocks. If you’re looking for different strategies that will help you explore these games, Investopedia’s Stock Simulator is a site to go ahead with. It contains details on investing and a huge comprehensive investing dictionary. 

  • Stock Simulator 

Stock Simulator offers real-time virtual stock and is an exciting platform to explore these games. It is a platform suitable for beginners and has a user-friendly interface. Some users unaware of the working hours of stock markets will get notification about it. It is one of the most exciting stock markets that will teach you investment strategy and trading skills. 

  • Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading 

Stock Trainer is associated with real stock market pricing, which gives users an idea of how the market functions. It allows you to pick a specific region as per your need before starting to play. Stock Trainer is easy to use and provides the latest information about companies below the trading stocks. 

In The End 

Opt for a platform with an excellent reputation and suitable for beginners while playing fantasy stock games. Choosing the most innovative site is an ideal way to play the games.

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