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On the train while on your journey, you may have heard somebody calling some similar words. Stop, speak, smeke, is seneke a word? Soon it came on your Twitter feed. In the first two months of its launch, wordle was mentioned in tweets for 1.7 trillion times. Sometimes green and sometimes yellow and sometimes you are out of the club. What is this all about? 

And then came the think pieces to rescue you. But there is more content needed. After playing it you realise how better you can do the next time. Your techniques get improved. It is a good thing to try again tomorrow. Maybe one day you will too become a wordle great player.

Do you know which countries and cities have the best wordle solver? Let’s see:

  • Canberra, Australia has the best wordle average 3.58
  • Swede, with an average of 3.72
  • The US with an average of 3.92
  • The American state has an average of 3.65
  • American City with an average of 3.51

Sweden has the fastest solvers:

Swedes are the fastest and best player in the world. Australia where worldle went viral comes fourth place. Ireland is also trying to win the race.

Australian cities and wordle:

Canberra is one of the Australian cities which has nailed the game with an average of 3.58. Moreover, there are three more Australian cities that are in the first ten ranks. Durban and Malmo have a little gap in averages. Similarly Manila and Geneva have a really little average gap.

North Dakota the American’s wordle state:

The US is ranking 18th on the list. It has a national average of 3.9. However, the green state of America in wordle is North Dakota with an average of 3.65. 

The capital city of wordle in Minnesota:

The average wordle score is 3.51 in Minnesota. It means in three guesses at maximum people at Minnesota are guessing the words. They are actually trying to win the race.

How did we get these averages?

By using Twitter API we found 195248 tweets with wordle hashtag. From 142699 tweets we found the score. We dropped the scores that have fewer scores such as x/6 which means these players had guessed more than 6 guesses to solve the puzzle. The average number of guesses is 3.9 based on 139940 tweets.

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