The WHOOP Podcast, an all-new human performance podcast hosted by Harvard alumni and founder of Whoop, Will Ahmed has just premiered on Spotify and Stitcher. Listeners can tune in to Will’s conversation with former NBA commissioner David Stern about the NBA and NFL’s controversial suspensions for kneeling during the national anthem, the legalization of gambling in sports and more. Additional segment topics from today’s premiere episode are included below. New episodes from the WHOOP podcast will debut every Wednesday.

Link to full episode:

Episode topics:

· The most important NBA rule change Stern ever implemented

· Witnessing the influence of Michael Jordan

· Friendship with Mark Cuban

· The legendary Pacers/Pistons Brawl 2004 / Worst incidents in NBA history and how Stern managed the crisis

· Legalization of Gambling and how prop bets will increase ratings

· Technology extending careers

· Future of Data in sports, biometric and beyond

· Demonizing Cannabis

· The future of eSports

ABOUT WHOOP PODCAST: At WHOOP, we are on a mission to unlock human performance. We measure the body 24/7 and provide detailed analytics to our members regarding strain, recovery, sleep, HRV and more. Our clients range from the best professional athletes in the world, to Navy SEALs, to fitness enthusiasts, to Fortune 500 CEOs and executives. The common thread among WHOOP members is a passion to improve. What does it take to optimize performance for athletes, for executives, for anyone? We’re launching this podcast to dig deeper. WHOOP Founder and CEO Will Ahmed interviews a variety of athletes, experts and industry leaders. For more information about Whoop, please visit:

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