We all know that Google loves updating its SEO algorithm and techniques that worked five years ago may not cut it today. The truth is that the fundamental principles of SEO remain the same, so getting your SEO strategy right can help you enjoy better rankings which increases traffic, ultimately leading to more conversions, more sales, and improved lead generation.

Ranking high in Google’s search results takes both time and effort, but there are some SEO techniques that are easy to implement and will definitely bring results. Here, we have put together some quick and effective SEO tips that are a low effort but produce high returns.

  1. Optimize your titles and headings

Oftentimes, it’s the simplest things that create the most significant change. There are basic tactics that anybody can do to improve on-page SEO, which includes keyword research and title optimization.

Make sure to target the proper keywords in your title tag as this carries the most weight in search engine optimization. Same goes for meta-descriptions, as these convince people to click your link. It is also important to add these keywords to your H1 heading as well, as this is the most important heading for the search engine and for your user.

  1. Website tracking

Tracking is important as it helps you spot issues with your website and lets you know if you are making progress. It also lets you know if search engines have penalized your website or if your rankings have dropped. Google Search Console and Google Analytics are two of the most common online tools used to monitor organic search traffic – both of which are easy to use and fairly easy to install.

  1. Optimize your images

Many people actually ignore image alt tags, which is a big mistake in terms of SEO. In fact, optimizing your website images is considered SEO best practice.

Alt tags are the text alternative to images, which a browser looks for when it cannot properly render the images. If the image fails to load for whatever reason, this bit of text will tell the users what the image is supposed to be.

The alt attribute is used to describe the contents of an image file and paying special attention to these will be beneficial to your overall on-page SEO strategy. Be sure to use the proper keywords in your alt tags, as these can help your website achieve betting rankings. Don’t believe optimizing your images benefits SEO? Even Google has commented on its value.

  1. Only link to relevant, high authority websites

As valuable as it is for other websites to be linking to you, you’ll have to return the favor to get more juicy links. That said, linking to relevant, authoritative sites can actually improve your SEO because Google uses backlinks to find good content and work out which content is worth ranking at the top. And speaking of content…

  1. Create fresh, original, high-quality, evergreen content

If you need to know one thing about SEO, it’s that Google loves high-quality, original and valuable content. While creating good content is not the fastest way to improve rankings (writing good copy takes time), it is the smartest way for long-term success.

What’s more, Google trusts websites that regularly post valuable, high-quality content and since search engines are all about the user experience these days, you can expect a nice boost in rankings by simply putting some work into your content. The first step – get your blog up and running as this gives you the perfect platform in which to create content your users, and Google will love.

  1. Don’t forget about social media

No, social media is not just for young people and celebrities. In fact, companies are advised to make the most of social media by securing as many profiles as possible. Social media profiles are a great way to get some initial backlinks to your website. We’re talking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, and depending on your niche, you may even want to consider Reddit, SoundCloud, Yelp and many more.

  1. Make your website mobile friendly

Google has moved to a mobile-first indexing process, which means it will rank your pages on how they’re viewed across mobile devices. According to the experts at PWD, optimizing your website for mobile is one of the most important tactics in today’s SEO landscape. While it’s not exactly low effort, it can definitely produce good results.

This is by no means an exhaustive list as there are many more tips and tactics you can use in your SEO strategy. We have just touched on some of the most important aspects across your website which, with some attention, will no doubt improve your rankings and traffic.



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