After months of delaying and procrastinating, you finally decide to organize your closet. You have also realized that you can save a great amount of time if your wardrobe is neat and organized. So you take out everything from your closet and sort it all out. You aren’t sure whether you should use clothes hanger or just fold and pile the same clothes together.

However, hangers may be more useful than you’ve ever thought possible. This article describes why hangers are an essential part of your wardrobe.

Organize Your Apparel Better

Hanging your clothes keeps your closet organized and neat. They are great for hanging dresses, suits, dress shirts, etc. If you are a guy, you can also hang your ties on hangers designed especially for ties. You can also dedicate separate hanger sections in your wardrobe to different clothing types such as pants, shirts, ties, etc. By dedicating a specific hanger section to a specific clothing item, you can access each type without difficulty.

To be more creative, choose to hang your outfits by colors — it’ll save you time from skimming through your closet for specific colors. You might have dress shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts as well as sweatshirts in a particular color. You can decide when to wear each according to your mood and occasion. Hangers make this process more convenient and quick for you.

Maintain the Shape of Your Clothes

If you use good-quality hangers, they help maintain the shape of your clothes. Research indicates that wooden hangers are quite durable and also offer better support to your apparel, because they are tougher than wire or plastic counterparts, wood clothing hangers also keep your shirts’ collars and shoulders from sagging.

Shirts tend to sag more on plastic and wire hangers while wood hangers can hold them up in a superior way. The reason behind wire and plastic hangers not supporting clothes in a good way is that they are light material and tend to de-shape with time. You wouldn’t want to ruin your awesome clothes just because you didn’t invest in some high-quality hangers for them. So do yourself and your wardrobe a favor and invest in durable hangers. You will save yourself a great deal of time and money by keeping your clothes in great shape.

Prevents Creases

One big advantage of using hangers is that they prevent creases. Hanging ironed clothes makes your life really easy, since they stay pressed and free from creases. There are times when you run late for something, you can pick out an outfit from your closet that is hanging. The clothes on hangers remain quite smooth and you don’t have to fear them getting wrinkled. If you fold your clothes and keep them in your closet, you have to iron them every time you go out.

Hangers also keep trousers smooth, so it’s easy to pull them on swiftly, without wasting any time on ironing them. Ensure that the apparel on your hangers is in a smooth state by directly transferring them from the iron board to hangers. Don’t let your clothes lie on your ironing board or bed after ironing them to avoid wrinkles from occurring.

Help You Remember Your Favorites

According to studies, most of us only wear 10 to 20% of our clothes. The remaining majority of apparel just sits idle in our closets. When we use hangers, we remember our favorite outfits and can get our hands on them in seconds. We usually hang the clothes we wear the most so that we can access them effortlessly.

Hangers make the process of searching for clothes faster and easier for us. They also let us pinpoint the ones we don’t wear anymore. There is always an option to donate the clothes which are not used, to make more space in our wardrobes. Flip the hangers by changing their hooks towards back of the closet to indicate that you’ve worn specific clothes. You can then check after a month or two and remove the garments you don’t wear anymore.


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