When you want to start your business website, first you would think about Buying a Domain name, and you probably ask yourself, “should you go with .Com Domain Name?”

Choosing a Domain name is not easy; it represents your business. It is a critical part of your brand image, and it should be well defined and powerful enough to market itself. And the right kind of Top-Level Domain Name helps it to be more recognized.

You have plenty of options in the Domain name .Org, .Net, .Edu, and Country-specific Domain .US, .In, .Fr, .Ae. But which would be better for your Business Website. All TLDs has their own advantage.

.Com Domain is a pretty popular and old extension, and it’s recognized globally. It represents Commercial Domain, and most big companies use it. It is not a country-specific extension; it gives a business website a global identity.

Though all top-level domains work the same way and have no technical difference. But .Com extension gives you a special significance and provides your website with a global-level identity.

Why .Com Domain Name?

Does Google gives importance to the .Com Domain Website?

Absolutely not. See, there is no difference in the working of .Com and other Domain names. But .Com is the oldest and most famous Extension, and people use it by default, and it is easy to recall.

Yes, Google gives importance to the URL age and prefers a country-specific domain name; it all depends on your site and its niche. Using a less popular extension will be an excellent option to go worldwide.

Around 53.3% of Businesses use .Com Domain Name, which is followed by .Org 4.4%. So it clearly shows that .Com is very famous, and all the big companies prefer it.

3 Major Benefits that you get with .Com Domain Name.

  • It adds trust to your website, as most people know about .Com Domain Name.
  • Com Domain Target Globally, it’s not for particularly one location if you want to expand your business worldwide.Com Domain Name you can work in most markets.
  • As you know .Com is famous, so most people heard about it, and it’s easy to remember and recall rather than a long and new TLD.

Yes, it won’t have a vast list of advantages, but you can’t deny that it’s the first choice for the business that wants to expand its business.

There are so many  Domain Providers who provide TLDs and they charge vary from %$ to hundred of Thousand Dollars, Depending Upon your Desired Domain Name. Hostbillo Sell .Com Domain Name at a cheap price. And if you are looking for a Web Hosting solution then Hostbillo offers a Free Domain Name with its Web Hosting Plans. You can buy top TLDs at an affordable price.

5 Reasons Why .Com Domain Would be a Better Choice

There is no doubt we can say .Com Domain is the King. .Com has a Significant effect on your website.

Reason to Choose .Com Domain-

.Com Domain Name is The Most Famous Extension

As I mentioned earlier, 53% of businesses use .Com Domain Name. All major brands pay hundreds of thousand to Buy a .Com Domain Name. It has a high value in the market and booming ahead of other Domain names.

Google Give Importance to .Com Domain Sometimes.

Using .Com domain is always a plus point for your website. But this is not true to what google prefers .Com Domain Website than other websites. Yes, but Google gives importance on a global level, and it is like icing on the cake.

.Com Domain Improve Credibility

.Com is the only Extension that improves website credibility. It is old and trusted by users. Users tend to prefer websites with .Com Domain. It shows website credibility and authenticity.

.Com Extension is Used by Well-Established Business

This is true that people like to use the site when they see .Com Domain Extension. It enhances website credibility. Whether your business is well-known or a startup business, if you buy .Com Domain name always helps your business.

No Requirement for Buying it

You can acquire .Com Domain without any specific requirement. Suppose you want to buy a .US, .In, .Ca, or any country-specific Top-Level Domain, you have to live in that country. These all include many limitations and content restrictions.


There are so many options for TLDs but .Com Domain has its own place, and it’s old, trusted, well-known, credible, and recognized by the whole world.

This would be a personal choice of what Extension you want to use. Every Extension has its own advantage its all just how much you can spend on a Top-level Domain.

The advantage .Com domain offers with other TLD you won’t get it. An excellent and well-reputed domain name always benefits your business.

If you want to own .Com Domain Name than Hostbillo Hosting Solution would be a perfect choice. They sell Top-Level .Com Domain Name at just 9.67$ for a year. You get all the benefits with Cheap .Com Domain from Hostbillo.

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