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By Bill Williams DWI or Driving while intoxicated is a very serious offence that can lead to jail sentence for the accused. Move to any corner of the world and you will realize that drinking and driving is considered a severe crime. Law enforcement officers can stop any person whom they suspect of drinking and driving. They would insist the person to appear for FST (Field Sobriety Test). If the subject is tested with Blood Alcohol Content Level greater than .08 percent, he/she is accused of DWI offence. Remember, a minor suspicion could lead to the arrest of a person under the DWI Offense Jurisdiction. Find a qualified DWI lawyer If you have been harassed by the law enforcement officials and accused of committing DWI offence, you have every right to apply for defense lawyer. But, then, you need to look for a DWI lawyer having many years of positive experience in criminal defense cases, especially the ones related to DWI offence. An experience in handling such cases would enable the legal professional to explore all the necessary loopholes of the case while identifying the best practical measures to handle the scenario. What is the need for a DWI legal professional? Once you are convicted or accused under the DWI offence, it becomes mandatory to seek legal help, if you want to get out of the hassle. Never try to play by your own to get rid of the scenario. Things may get more complicated and difficult for you to handle and ultimately result in proving your guilt and offense. Once you hire an experienced DWI lawyer for your defense, your plead to not being guilty of the offence may just be won in your favor. The defense attorney would ensure that every right of yours is protected throughout the legal proceedings. Therefore, you must also make sure that no violation of the rules is done on your behalf. The Houston DWI Lawyer would be using his/her experience and knowledge to ensure that the charges being levied upon you are baseless and stand no point. The professional would be employing every card and tactic to save your license and prove your innocence in the case. Hiring a defense attorney, with a strong level of experience in the field would also be able to educate you regarding the nature and complication of the case. The senior DWI lawyers, with a strong positive reputation in the field may also be able to meet the prosecution privately to discuss the scenario and reduce your punishment and penalty charges. It may require certain backhand monetary settlements. A verdict cannot be given, based entirely on the reports of a Sobriety Test as the test is not full-proof. If your lawyer is experienced and cunning enough, he/she would be able to present the case in a manner where the authenticity of Sobriety Test would be questioned. Author Bio: Bill Williams is a defense council advocate, working for The Houston DWI Lawyer Firm. He is one of the leading criminal advocates for the firm and enjoys a 100% winning record for his cases.

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