By Amelie Lawrence

Installing an air conditioning system in a commercial building can be a pain owing to the large space it occupies coupled with the vast installation process.

Gladly, there is an option for rooftop air conditioning units for such commercial businesses. These rooftop units are a popular choice amongst many businesses and commercial units owing to a number of advantages it offers over other conventional systems.

If you are looking for one such convenient system, then have a look at some benefits of such rooftop air conditioning units:

Advantages of rooftop unit

A rooftop air conditioning unit offers multiplicity of benefits for commercial buildings such as:

1.) Quieter than conventional systems

Since in a rooftop unit all the cooling components are placed inside a large metal cabinet on the roof and away from your indoor space, you would not be disturbed from the noise while it is working.

2.) Easily accessible

The major advantage of a rooftop unit is that it does not take any extra space as compared to its standard split air conditioning system counterpart. Thus, all the components of the system such as the condenser coil, evaporator coil, blower fans, and so on, all are stored in a single cabinet. This makes it easy for a technician as well to work on the unit without disrupting the activities inside the building.

3.) Heat and humidity control

Your rooftop air conditioner can also act as a heat pump as well as balance humidity levels inside the building, thereby serving multiple purposes:

4.) Power source

Rooftop air conditioners can be run on either natural gas or on electrical energy. Therefore, you have the advantage of choosing the power source which suits you.

5.) Energy-saving feature

Rooftop AC systems have energy-saving features which improve its performance.

One such feature is the economizers such as dampers which can cool a building using the outside air when the temperature outside is suitable enough. For example, the thermal wheels of the unit transfer the hot and humid air in the supply airstream to the cool and dry air in the exhaust, thereby decreasing the load of the cooling system.

This is thus a very economically viable feature. Another such feature is the thermostat, which can be used to adjust the system’s temperature controls according to the changing season.

6.) Protected

The HVAC systems installed on the rooftops are protected from theft and vandalism, as well as from damage due to weather, dust, dirt, and any accidental damage as well.

7.) Less space-consuming

Since such rooftop units do not use any of your workplace space, you can install as many units as you like on the roof without letting it disrupt your work. You can use the free space on the ground instead for various purposes such as landscaping or other building expansions without any trouble.

These features make rooftop commercial air conditioning systems a popular as well a recommended option by experts for people looking for a space saving, convenient, and less expensive unit for their building.

Its advantages make it not only a simpler and cheap option to install, but would also help you enhance your building’s energy performance while setting a comfortable ambience at all times.

This versatile nature of these HVAC systems makes them a highly preferable choice amongst commercial-building owners when compared to its conventional counterparts. You can contact a professional as well who can suggest the best option of energy source and other specifications of the unit that would best suit the needs of your commercial building.

Make sure to hire a reputed professional with a wide experience in this field for installing the unit in your building.

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