Since the beginning people have craved a lot while making homes. No matter, if the house is big or small, people like to make changes in the interiors and exteriors. Everybody wants to explore more for their homes. Especially when it is about home decoration, people look for everything that can intensify the beauty and let the visitors turn lost in the aura of beauty. Among all, flowers are the best option to make the environment perfect to live. No one can overcome the essence and freshness that people witness in the presence of flowers in their houses.

According to the research it is claimed that viewing the flowers at a glance early in the morning and having the essence around lowers the stress hormones to a great level. What a mercy that nature has bestowed. Apart from benefits, there are some pinpointing features of flowers that may irritate you. For instance, you need to buy them every time they die after 3-4 days, you need to change the water to avoid fungus growth, if you do not replace the dead flowers, they will start to smell the worst and above all, many times flowers are the insect attractants. No one wants to have such a fuss around when you have millions of things to do daily. What if we inform you about one-time magic that will culminate all the reasons that might stop you from surrounding yourself with flowers?

Yeah! it’s happening right here. We are talking about Sola wood flowers that are everything you need to avail of. They supersede the natural flowers in several ways. Likewise, they can last for years, they are cost-effective, handy to make, customizing options, best to gift even in severe conditions, you can bury them unlike those plastic-based ornamental flowers, they are biodegradable. Wow! Can something else be this amazing? Of course not! Why don’t you try to bring changes? Let’s have a look ahead about how you can use sola wood flowers to beautify your interior walls like nothing else.

Interior decoration with sola wood flowers-DIY

There is no need to settle for ordinary ways when you can be amazingly artistic with your sola wood flowers. Putting flowers merely in a central vase can be a way to the mainstream. Let’s try something unique this time. You can decorate walls using sola wood flowers in your home, your classroom, your studio, or even in your boutique with an incredible message for the visitors and guests. Isn’t it an amazing idea? So, don’t wait and look at these simple steps to DIY projects with your sola wood flowers.

You will need:

  • Raw sola wood flowers
  • Sola wood prints
  • Craft paint
  • Sola softener
  • Greenery
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue gun with sticks
  • Chart
  • Poster colors  

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Dye Sola wood flowers

Take a bowl to mix your dye with water and then add a spoon full of sola softener. The more color you tend to add, the more potency your dye will show. You can use a variety of forms of colors. For instance, you can try to use spray paints because they dry quickly. You can also use oil paints upon these flowers. This will give a shiny look and you might not need to polish your flowers later on. Well, set these sola wood flowers aside to dry for 24 – 48 hours, or until the color doesn’t transfer upon your fingers. This can be an outclass to look among all the natural flowers around you. You can even leave them with their original woody color because sola wood flowers are beautiful in their way as a finished product.

Step 4:  Come up with the wall decoration

This is far more exciting than any other thing. Of course! Why not. It’s now the time to lay down the sola wood flowers on any wooden cutout to create your ideal finished product. You can incorporate some greenery to make it look close to the natural ones. By using a raw sola wood flower involvement you can try uniqueness in terms of dye colors that match your room theme. This can be more exciting if you are doing in your studio or boutique because your customers and visitors will be amazed to witness the essential art by your efforts. 

Step 3: Glue these sola wood flowers

It is time to use your glue gun. Make a dot with glue at the bottom of the sola wood flower.  Keep it down upon the wooden board for about 10 seconds before leaping to the other flower. Do not move your flowers too much after glue-fixing them so they can dry and get fixed perfectly. There is a pro-tip from our side. Try to wait for a few hours before attaching the cutout on your wall. It is significant to give enough time to fully set so your sola wood flowers do not fall off.

Step 4: A motivating statement

Everyone these days look upset and tangled with daily affairs. How great it would be to have a motivating word hanging right with your wooden cutout decorated with sola wood flower offering some amazing message for your day because “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Things can be turned positive by bringing about little ticklers for yourself and to the ones who visit your place. Who knows it may work like magic in someone’s life? For this additional thing, you can have a poster with poster colors theming with your sola wood flowers dye. Whatever you write, it must not be very prolonged. It must fit in your cutout wooden frame easily.


Sola wood flowers are the most amazing type of flowers that anyone can use in their homes. These blossoms look so real that at a glance, no one can figure the difference. Moreover, you can add fragrance and even glitters as per your choice to give them all the perks of life. Above all, they can be tried in so many shapes and forms that even many times, not the natural flowers are capable of having. As an art lover, as you have got an idea about how to decorate your interiors with sola wood flowers, plan today, gather your material and start working for it. Trust us! It is not that complicated. All you need is a contented and focused mind and a continuity with peace to work along with a clear direction to lead for “home sweet home”

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