Alcohol Detox Austin

What Is Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox is a process that someone goes through once they have made the choice to quit drinking alcohol. For those who have been addicted to alcohol and have consumed large amounts of it, the detox process can sometimes be very difficult. This is particularly true of those that drink on a daily basis.

During detox, a person may receive medications to make the detox as safe as possible. The person may even be advised to keep drinking alcohol so as not to induce a seizure from quitting cold turkey. At the detox center, the person will speak with medical professionals and go through multiple medical exams to make sure the best detox treatment is chosen.

Why Is Alcohol Detox Important?

The body goes through a lot of processes as it detoxes from alcohol. If not properly monitored by medical professionals, it’s possible for a person detoxing off alcohol to go into seizures or to even pass away. This is why alcohol detox is so important to the recovery process. Detoxing off alcohol becomes even more dangerous when a person is detoxing off other substances as well, such as pills or stimulants. It’s incredibly important that a person be honest with his or her physician about all substances taken as this will greatly impact the detox process. There are lots of people who require medical supervision and various types of medications when going through alcohol detox, with many people needing supervision or medication for up to 30 days or longer. A substance abuse counselor can help a person understand his or her alcoholism and the various treatment options available.

Things to Do When Going Through Alcohol Detox

When going through alcohol detox, you can rest assured there are plenty of attractions and things to enjoy to pass the time. You may or may not be under medical supervision the entire time, which usually lasts anywhere from two to seven days. But after detoxing, you can then enjoy all that the local area has to offer. You can rest easy knowing there are lots of eateries to delight your taste buds, an assortment of parks to keep you busy with physical activities like kayaking and hiking, as well as plenty of art centers to enjoy art and dancing. If you’re into music, then you’re going to love checking out some of the area’s local bands.

What to Expect After Alcohol Detox Austin

After you complete alcohol detox, it’s then time to take advantage of the local area’s aftercare services, which are plenty in number. Some of the best services include Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, in-person counseling, group therapy sessions, and more. Taking advantage of aftercare services is highly recommended because studies show that those who do aftercare are more likely to enjoy a longer and more successful recovery from addiction to alcohol. And with so many aftercare services to take advantage of in the area where you go through detox, you may find that your home base for recovery becomes your new home as well as your best tool for staying clean and sober.

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