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Why Is It So Hard to Buy Non-Prescription Lenses in the USA?

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Do you plan to quit wearing glasses and switch to contact lenses? It sounds really simple, but it is actually not if you are living in the US. 

Many people ask this question everyday and several others hence we have answered most of the Q & A’s below to make the transition from glasses to lenses or buying a new pair of lenses easier for you;

Why is It Difficult to Buy Contact Lenses in the US?

While getting your eyes tested regularly is a good practice to keep your eyes healthy but, not every person needs to get his or her eyes tested every year, most still do it just to get a new prescription to order contact lenses. The U.S. government making it mandatory to get a fresh prescription every year if you wish to order a new set of lenses seems to be a bit extreme. Healthy adults should be given the independence to decide if they really need to get their eyes checked just like your health. If everything seems fine, why would you want to spend your precious dollars just to hear your eye doctor say that you can still read the last line from the reading board with the previously prescribed lens power?

What Does the Government Intend?

Factually such law has been implemented by the government just so the citizens can be made aware by the eye doctors of any eye problems that may be developing to avoid future complications. Though the intention is really good but in reality, it may do more harm than good.

The strangest thing is that you are allowed to order as much booze as you wish but to buy a fresh set of contact lenses, you will have to visit your eye doctor. The government can very well argue that the law is there just for your better eye health but how is it fair that as a lens wearer you will have to get your eyes tested every year but on the other hand, non-contact lens wearers do not need to get their eyes tested. Even they are prone to eye diseases and the law should be the same for every citizen.

Is this Law Really Helping the Citizens?

You may not be much bothered by this law if your insurance covers your yearly eye tests. But what if it does not? You will be forced to pay at least $100-150 just to get your eye tested, then you will also have to bear the expenses of the contact lenses. I know people who have had the same power for over 15 years. Just calculate the amount of money they had to waste just to visit an eye doctor every year. 

The government may want people to maintain their eye health, but such a law may do more damage than good. There are many youngsters out there who cannot afford to pay a doctor as well as buy lenses, they tend to extend the usage of their lenses just to avoid visiting an eye doctor hence this deteriorates their eye health further.

What Should be the Ideal Scenario?

The decision to get their eyes tested or not should be left to the adults rather than forcing them to visit an eye doctor without any reason. If you face any eye issue, you would obviously visit an eye doctor. When it comes to your physical health, you do not need to visit a doctor unnecessarily till you feel sick, similar rules need to be formed for eye health as well. The government can make an eye test mandatory for every citizen including the ones without glasses every five years, this will help many people from going through unnecessary troubles and expenditure.

How Do You Get Hold of Prescription Free Contact Lenses in the US?

Though we can just make an argumentative statement, the law will change when it has to change. Getting hold of contact lenses without a prescription is extremely difficult in the U.S. but if you still wish to order for your next batch of lenses avoiding all the complexities, ordering lenses from Contactlenses4us.com can help you get contact lenses without a prescription to make your life simpler.


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