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Benefits of Steam Shower
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Benefits of Steam Shower for Health

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A steam shower is a kind of lavatory where a dampen steam generator produces water vapor that is dispersed around a person’s body. A steam shower is a special kind of room and it has certain features of washroom shower. There are special kind of enclosures in which steam showers are present.

So that it prevents water vapor from spreading in to the whole room, so that it avoids damage. Steam generator contains many additional features including shower, FM radio, and hydrotherapy. Steam showers are available in a variety of materials including tile, acrylic, fiberglass, glass, stone and wood.

History of Steam Shower

Steam shower is the evolution of steam bath. And steam bath is thought to have been invented in the era of Roman empire. These roman baths were very functional in the roman society at that time. These roman baths were connected by natural hot springs from underground.

Health Benefits of Steam Showers

1. Improves Blood Circulation     

A steam shower can improve the rate of your blood flow. Improved blood circulation can lead to a healthier heart.

2. Maintenance Of Blood Pressure  

In a steam room your body begins to release a special kind of hormone known as aldosterone. Aldosterone helps to lower blood pressure. Therefore you feel relaxed.

3. Reduces Stress

A steam shower also decreases cortisol production in your body. The hormone cortisol regulates the stress level. When your cortisol level drops, it provides you a lot of relaxation.

4. Removes Congestion

Steam warms the mucous membrane and promotes deep breathing. So it removes congestion in your sinuses and lungs.

5. Improves Immune System

Whenever your body is exposed to warm water, it stimulates leukocytes, which are the cells that fight against pathogens. In this way it improves your immune system.

6. Promotes Skin Health

Steam shower helps to open your skin pores. So it rinses away all the dirt and dead skin cells. In this way you will have more even toned skin.

Top 5 Steam Showers 

1) Ariel Bath DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

Voltage: 220 V

Dimensions: 87 inches x 48 inches x 39.5 inches

Weight: 505 lbs

Ariel bath is an excellent steam shower. It has a height of 87 inches and width of 4.8 inches. Its weight is 505 lbs and it is the lightest one. There are all kinds of accessories including shower head, hose, and all metal fixtures. Its overall design is amazing. There are 6 LED lights in it and brightens the shower area in the dark.


  • There is a warranty of 10 years.
  • It is available in 4 different colors.


  • It is a bit expensive.

2) Eagle Bath WS-609P Steam Shower

Voltage: 110 V

Dimensions: 51 inches x 51 inches x 87 inches

Weight: 80 lbs

This steam shower is very easy to install and adjust because it is a lightweight. The top of this steam shower is made from high quality ABS plastic and it has large LED light. It has a warranty of 2 years. It contains sliding door instead of push or pull door system.


  • It is very easy to install.
  • It has 3 KW generators to produce hot steam.


  • As compared to other models it is not very pleasing.

3) Elite Steam ELS-7-BN Universal Steam Shower Controller

Voltage: 240 V

Dimensions: 15 inches x 6 inches x 15.5 inches

Weight: N/A

It is one of the luxurious steam shower generators. It is very easy to install. It is available in 3 different colors. You will not get a steam shower with it. It is just a generator.


  • It is long lasting
  • It has a warranty of 10 years


  • There is only a generator
  • It is expensive

4) Maya Bath 300 Steam Shower

Voltage: 220 V

Dimensions: 57 inches x 57 inches x 87inches

Weight: 850lbs

It is one of the fantastic models of steam shower. It has a black body but it is also available in other colors. It is a huge steam shower so it requires a large space. It has a front control panel, so you can make any kind of adjustments according to your will. It has a 10 years of warranty.


  • It has 10 years of warranty
  • It has a powerful steam generator of 4.5 KW


  • It is the most expensive steam shower

5) Ariel Platinum D2959F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

Voltage: 220V

Dimensions: 47 inches x 35.4 inches x 39 inches

Weight: 545 lbs.

It has a most powerful steam generator of 6 KW. It is not very large. It is awesome in its looks and it has 6 LED lights that brighten the shower area. It comes with all other accessories. For relaxation there is also an FM Radio.


  • Availability of FM radio.
  • There is a 6 KW powerful steam generator


  • It is a bit expensive and requires more space of we talk about its height

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