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Why is Jay Cutler still a Chicago Bear?

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Back in April of 2009 the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos pulled off a trade that many thought they would never see happen. The Bears acquired QB Jay Cutler for QB Kyle Orton. Many at the time thought this would elevate the Bears to Super Bowl status. Here we are 7 years later and the Bears have seen the playoffs once, in 2010. So why are the Bears so committed to Cutler? We take a look below.

In January of 2014, Jay Cutler signed a 7 year deal with the Chicago Bears. The deal was worth $126 million with $54 million in guaranteed money. At the time of the contract the money was unbelievable for QB who only had 1 playoff appearance. This contract has basically tied Cutler to the Bears for its duration. Even though he is a solid QB, he is less than stellar at times. Not many teams want to pay a high price for a “regular season” QB.

With Cutler being “regular season” quarterback the market is thin. Teams, now a days, are in pursuit of that superstar that will lead them to the promise land. Many want a guy that will be a perennial playoff guy and have the ability to, one day, make it to the Super Bowl. When Jay Cutler’s career first started he was viewed as this kind of quarterback. With only 1 playoff appearance in 10 seasons, however, Cutler has quickly become your average QB.

The Bears put themselves in a no-win situation with Jay Cutler. That is unless he starts winning. In 97 games he has a 50-47 record. 3 games above .500 for a QB with that money is sour. The Bears cannot afford to release or trade cutler due to the deadcap space his contract would eat up, $19 million for 2016. A release could come, if the Bears feel the need to move on, after this season. There is only a $2 million cap hit.

So with a high value contract, limited market and less than stellar performances Jay Cutler will be a Bear for 2016. He may have a decline due to the loss of Adam Gase, now the Head Coach with the Miami Dolphins. This will infuriate Bears fans even more. Keep your heads up Bears fans, however, this nightmare may only last 1 more season.

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