Glass Sliding Door

Keeping glass sliding doors in top working condition is difficult in Australia’s harsh environment, with several factors coming into play regarding continued good function.

For sliding door repairs, it is essential to engage with an expert who knows the tell-tale signs to look for, plus is armed with the expertise and parts to get the job fixed properly.

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Bent Tracks or Rails

Sliding door tracks are susceptible to wear and tear over prolonged use, with bent or warped tracks resulting in the sliding door either becoming hard to open or derailing easily.

Sliding doors can be top hung or slide along on base mounted rollers, so the specific nature of each individual problem varies.

In some minor cases, simple household tools can be used to fix the issue, but professional assistance is required for many major door repairs.

Dirt or Contaminants

Often the rollers of a sliding door can become clogged with dirt or contaminants, which impact on a sliding door’s smooth operation.

Most times, the foreign objects can be freed by a vacuum cleaner, however, if they are lodged within the mechanism, a more extensive rectification process would be required.

Roller Issues

The rollers of a sliding door can often be a hidden piece of hardware that can cause major issues.

Like any mechanical component, the parts of the roller can wear down or break.

Each sliding door has its own dedicated rollers for each different application, all with different weight ratings for different types of doors.

The team at Lock and Roll come prepared with sliding door rollers to match every sliding door design.

Other issues can arise around the locks, shifting foundations of a building, or even hot and humid weather, which can swell wooden components of a sliding door.

Professional Sliding Door Repair Experts

Sliding doors are an ever-popular addition to homes, businesses or in industrial settings, and with some regular maintenance, they can have a very long service life.

Lock and Roll can provide you with a professional and courteous service, including a free, no obligation quote, with all jobs backed by parts that feature a full factory warranty.

No matter if it is repairs, maintenance, or new installations, trust the experts at Lock and Roll when it comes to your windows and doors!

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