Children in swimming pool enjoy more than any other place. Because, this is a good hobby for toddlers in home.

However, it is an ideal place where children and parents can enjoy in the water. There are many ways you can enjoy like, slides, fountains, balls, inflatable toys, etc. You just need to select the best pool builder for building your swimming pool in Newcastle where you can enjoy more than any other place.

But playing in the water is not only an attractive way to spend time. If we make sure that our children learn to swim and use the pool regularly, we will contribute to their proper development and a healthy lifestyle. Swimming is considered one of the perfect forms of activity, suitable for people of all ages, including children. The World Health Organization recommends swimming at least three times a week.

The same organization warns that today’s generation of children may be the first who live shorter than their parents. Contribute to this, if you are suffering from lack of exercise and low diet. Let’s take them away from the TV or computer and force  to spend time in the swimming pool.



Swimming has many health benefits. It makes children more physically fit and gains immunity.

The benefits of swimming includes:

  • Hardening the body – when the baby swims, his blood vessels contract and relax alternately. After several months of such exercise, the blood vessels are so flexible that they do not respond with contractions to a sudden change in temperature. And it is precisely this vasoconstriction that promotes colds.

  • Better oxygenation – while swimming, children are often better oxygenated than during a walk in the park. The effort your body has to make while swimming causes the lungs to expand. This makes the whole body better oxygenated, and the blood circulates faster.

  • Weight Loss – swimming, like any sport, can be useful in losing weight. The resistance of the water makes the muscles work harder to move in it. The result is fatter burning and an increase in muscle mass. This information is essential nowadays when more and more children are struggling with overweight.

  • Relief for asthmatics – allergists believe that swimming is an ideal sport for children with asthma. Studies have shown that after six weeks of regular swimming, a small asthmatic’s bronchus begins to work better, coughing attacks stop, shortness of breath decreases, snoring disappears.

  • But be careful! Children with inhalation allergies may be allergic to chlorine vapors, so let’s choose ozone pools for them.

  • Ozonation ensures microbiological purity and has no harmful effects on humans. It destroys not only bacteria, such as chlorine but also viruses, cysts, and amoebas.

  • Better balance – the rippling of the water stimulates the balance center in the brain, translating into a better and better sense of balance in the child. It has also been proven that children who regularly go to the pool control their body movements better and develop better skills than their peers who do not go to the pool.

  • Strengthened spine muscles – small swimmers who use the pool regularly do not have back problems. Developed strong back muscles support a shaky spine well. Swimming is also a therapy for children with various back curvatures (in this case, it is necessary to agree with the doctor what technique the child should use to swim). Classes at the swimming pool are also one of the rehabilitation methods of infants and older children with abnormal muscle tone.

  • Stronger relation with parents – water is the perfect environment to play with parents. It helps to build an emotional relation between the child and parents actively participating in swimming pool activities.

  • Also, swimming shapes such motor skills as speed, strength and endurance, and develops important personality traits in a young person, including discipline, independence, courage, and regularity.



It is becoming more and more popular to take babies to the swimming pool. Because each of us was born with the swimming instinct, it seems natural. Young children love water. Let’s use it to teach our children to behave appropriately in the water.

But you have to be careful not to force anything. Force to away with water may scare the child. It may be a good idea for toddler to take swimming course. Both children and parents will feel safer under the instructor’s supervision.


Although swimming strengthens the child’s body, not all toddlers can go to the pool. For example, children with severe gastroesophageal reflux and children with recurrent otitis media should not swim.

Contraindications are also, among other things, respiratory infections, gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, and chronic urinary tract infections.

Before going to the swimming pool with a small child, it is good to consult a doctor. He should decide if the child is ready to start learning to swim. If there are no contraindications, you can choose an attractive swimming pool that meets your requirements.

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