Online learning. It is the way of the future whether you like it or not, it is here to stay. In a world in which we work two—or three jobs, while trying to balance a family and pay for everyday expenses, how much time does one have for school?

There are some of the old-school brick and mortar variety in having to actually go to real classes with real students in a real classroom. The issue is, what if you can’t afford to?

With more and more working adults and parents going to school online, online education is more than a trend or an excuse to be lazy or anti-social, it is now the way most in The Millennial Age pursue their educational dreams.

Whether it is top online schools such as The University of Phoenix, Kaplan University or Australia and New Zealand-based online learning schools such as Learning Cloud and Learning Cloud NZ, according a 2017 U.S. News article titled, Online Class Enrollment up at Nonprofits, online courses are rising in popularity,

“More than 6 million students – a large majority of whom were undergraduates – enrolled in at least one online course in fall 2015, according to the first in a series of publications from a research partnership between the Babson Survey Research Group, the blog e-Literate and the education nonprofit WCET.”

Everyone learns at their own pace and style, some do better in a classroom environment, some do better going to classes in the comfort of their own home on a laptop with Netflix streaming in the background. Bottom line is that everyone learns differently and retains information differently.

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So, if you’re fresh out of high school or a young to middle-aged adult looking to go to school or looking to take some classes and you’re just looking to add some new skills to your resume, then  look into any of the fore-mentioned online education courses and schools today.

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