PVC Screen Blind

PVC blinds are just another category, and great for protecting your property from any bad weather and moisture. PVC is the perfect material to resist moisture and these PVC blinds are for outdoor use mainly. Now you can install the PVC blinds at your outdoor premises and you can design a separate seating area with these blinds. Apart from that, you can also install the same on your window to protect your window panels, furniture and property from harsh climate. To know more and buy the PVC blinds, you can search them online and you can compare their prices too.

Advantages of Outdoor PVC Blinds

The outdoor PVC blinds come with great advantages. They are hung on the outside walls of the property. They guard the windows and glass walls from the exterior. The outdoor blinds mainly function by:

  • Stopping the sun’s harsh rays, UV rays, and heat from entering the interiors. Sun heat can create some adverse affects on your furniture and they can damage the upholstery of your furniture. Now you can install the PVC blinds to protect the sun heat and you can save your furniture from the adverse affects of sun heat through this way.
  • Lowering temperature of the interiors such that the air conditioning needs lesser time to cool rooms in hot days, and the power bills as a result get lower. So through this way you can save your power consumption bill and similarly, they will prevent the chilled airflow during winter and provide you warm temperature inside the room.
  • These PVC blinds can work better than other heat and light treatment solutions like internal curtains and blinds, tinted glasses etc. They can provide you utmost privacy level, and they are durable and long lasting too.

Another reason they are preferred is for their long life and lasting nature. PVC blinds go a long way, and can used years after years with minimal maintenance.

PVC Blind


Over years, the PVC blinds may develop a coating of dirt and dust on them. Instead of letting the coat sit on it long and form clumps by infusing with polluted oil and moisture droplets in air, it’s best to give them a cleaning after several months using a jet stream of water. A simple water hose is good enough to completely clean the blinds.

Where can you use the outdoor PVC blinds?

The blinds can be used in any such place, which has high probability of getting in a lot of external weather. Storefronts, side open cafeterias, patios, gazebos, balconies, carports, and houses exteriors with glass or window outlets all may get such blinds.

  • Areas getting strong winds, heavy rainfall, too much of sunshine and heat are places where people would prefer the PVC outdoor blinds. You may choose total blackout blinds in this material which would totally block sunlight and make the interiors dark.
  • You may also choose blinds allowing some sunlight. Basically, these blinds are designed to protect you from rough weather. Heat or moisture, anything would get blocked to the extent you want by the choice of your blinds.
  • In this way you can avoid moisture related damage like molds, damps and mildews, and also heat related damages like fading of colors, premature damage of fabrics in inner furnishings and upholstery etc.

You can always custom order PVC outdoor blinds in any length and breadth you require. Every property has different sized doors, windows and walls that may need the protection. Hence there is no one size fits all formula, and you would always have the liberty to choose a custom size blind.

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