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Products Shipped via Sea
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Why Packaging is Important for Products Shipped via Sea

The packaging is a vital component of any export process. It focused not only on the protection but also the communication, costs, and even advertising of merchandise.

From a different perspective, packaging and product accountability lie with the exporter. They must make sure that the packaging can face a tough international journey. In case the packaging or product gets damaged after reaching the destination, the seller or exporter would carry the loss.  

Yet, the purpose of packaging is not only till keeping the product safe during the international journey. Packaging also serves as marketing the product or the brand. The company can easily convey their message to the audience by the labelling or packing. Many Packaging Machines Importers are always looking for top manufacturers 

Whether your shipment contains pharmaceutical items or pieces of machinery, they all require proper packaging to maintain their safety. Every day across the world, many cargoes are transported to their following destinations. Whether you are a supplier or you’re planning to shift to another country with your goods, you must make sure that your shipment is adequately packed to get it in a proper condition. 

And that refers to taking suitable packaging measures to avoid damages despite the fact seeing external aspects such as circumstances that your shipment may be wide-open to and the volume of supervision involved.

Below we will explain the importance of packaging for products when shipped via sea. We would also provide tips which can help to prevent any damage to products. 

Importance of Packaging

The packaging is for the safety and security of the goods your transport or ship. In this way, you can also later avoid damages, claims and losses. Many people avoid adequate packaging to save their money, but they avoid looking at the big picture. Packaging should always be based on the type of cargo you send your shipment through. There are few pointers you should keep in mind when submitting your delivery via sea: 

Environment – In such cases, your delivery would face rust and corrosion. So make sure that the packaging is done in such a way that it could avoid the exposure. 

Temperatures – In maritime containers, the temperature can be either severe cold or hot. So keep this in mind and pack the product in a way that it could avoid both kinds of temperature.  

Movement – As we know that when shipping by sea, the containers are placed by large cranes, this may cause movements thus causing damage. 

Infection – If you are sending food items, they might get infected due to the environment or others good being shipped as well. 

Make sure you keep in mind these handling points, and you must also be aware of how many times the product would be loaded and unloaded.

Importance of Labelling on Packing 

If a particular product is packed no workers on the dock would know what sort of goods they are handling. Some products such as glassware should be treated with extreme care, or else they will get damaged. Through the labels on the packaging, you can add instructions such as “handle with care” or “fragile” to direct the workers. Labelling on all sides would help to provide better instructions during loading and unloading. 

Mistakes Made in Packaging

In everyday shipment, a few common mistakes are made, which include cargo overhanging or having uneven boxes stacked. In this way, the boxes may fall or drop during the movements. At times too much of weight is also stacked on boxes. Such things increase the risks of damage.  

International transportation is very different from domestic transit. When shipping overseas, it is vital to do additional work to protect and use the right type of packaging.

Every commodity requires different types of packaging. Shipping food is entirely different from shipping special machinery or pharmaceutical items. Spending a bit more on fragile goods would help to save your significant losses or damage. 


If your business is working to undertake the role of packaging and labelling for world-wide freight shipments, it is vital to spend a significant amount of your time and be sure it is done properly. This would avoid high rerouting costs. Before shipping, all orders should be checked and properly packed labelled. 

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