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Why Playing Bingo is Actually Good for You?

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Bingo is that weird animal that can either be loved or passed by with indifference, and I am sure many of you have already associated the mention of bingo with some quiet halls full of British pensioners stamping frantically on their sheets on Friday evening.

You’d be surprised to know that not only bingo has become a preferred sport for Americans of all ages (and not just the second most popular betting option after soccer in the UK), but it is also a healthy money-making opportunity that has many positive effects on one’s well-being.

Bingo’s stereotypes are old as the game itself, but the truth is that very few of us understand how to become successful at bingo. Many people have no idea what bingo is actually like – there is more to the game than just winning. While exploring the gaming features, players have reviewed and sorted all top operators that turned bingo betting into a successful industry.

Bingo Over the Years

You’ll be surprised to learn that bingo actually originated in the US in 1929 at a celebration in Atlanta, Georgia and it was first called ‘beano’ from the Italian for beans, as the game initially was played with beans. The name bingo came about by accident, as the toy salesman and later producer of the game, Edwin Lowe, first thought ‘Bingo’ sounded better for marketing purposes.

A friend of Lowe invented over 6000 different bingo cards for the first release of the game and soon after the launch a priest got in touch with the salesman to suggest bingo was played for fundraising purposes in churches across North America.

The game instantly caught fire and got its grip over the heart of the nation, so, not surprisingly, today it’s still played by thousands of people in the US. Thanks to Its worldwide popularity along with various bingo site reviews, it continues to skyrocket and owing to the smooth transition from the halls to the online lottery sites, now bingo is enjoyed by more than 100 million people around the world!

Not bad for a granny’s game!

Moreover, technology and video games, in particular, have changed the betting industry forever and with this change, bingo has evolved into more diverse forms of online and mobile app games that can be accessed by anyone anywhere. With the fierce competition between online betting providers, the traditionally low bingo’s stakes have now increased significantly, making it a viable sport to wager on.

Most good bingo sites also offer online live chats with the other player translating the atmosphere of the bingo hall at home. At offline bingo sites, the game has transformed into something more akin to a nightclub night out with loud music and drinks being served during the games refreshing the traditional outlook of the game.

But bingo is not just great social past time with good chances of winning some extra cash on the side. And as it turns out, it is actually good for you.

Keeping Your Brain Alert

In recent years, several researchers from separate universities in Southampton and Chicago have reached the conclusion that due to the fast pace of playing bingo and paying attention to the numbers called, the game is recommended to seniors to keep their brains alert and diminish potential effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

It turns out that not only bingo trains our reflexes, but it is also good for the eye coordination, and it also could prevent memory loss.

In the UK, a research has found that seniors and young groups of people responded in the same way when playing bingo and in some cases, the elderly outperformed the younger, proving that there’s no age limit when it comes to finding the winning patterns of bingo. Bingo is really a good way to relieve stress, while the thought of winning some extra cash will surely make everybody happier.

If you’re curious to try your luck with bingo, check TopBingoWebsites.co.uk for the best bingo providers online.

Everything You Need to Know to Try It Out Yourself

If you’re looking to make money quickly, bingo is the ultimate choice for beginner bettors, as the rules are quite simple and there are only a few tricks to learn to be able to cash out your winning cards. Different bingo rules may apply at different casino sites, but the basics are that each card you draw will have 24 numbers in 5 columns written at random from 1 to 75 and the goal is to complete a pattern of the numbers called.

Even if the numbers are generated at random, this is not to say that there isn’t any way for you to predict your chance of winning. Your probability of winning is determined by dividing the number of your cards by the total sum of all cards in the game, which, fortunately, is displayed on all good bingo sites.

Therefore, it is a good strategy to play as many cards as you can handle. However, bingo, unlike other casino games, doesn’t list a payout percentage, but you can still work it out by dividing the offered prize by the money invested in the game. So, if each card was $1 and all cards in the game were 90, then the money in the pot will be $90.

Prizes are usually shown at the beginning of the games, so if the big jackpot is $150, your return percentage will be 150/90=16.6%. If the cards were more expensive and if a larger number of cards were played in the game, then the percentage would also increase, regardless of how much you’ve personally invested in the game. Bear in mind that this percentage is only true over the long term and it’s not immediately available at the end of any other bingo game, meaning that it will differ from game to game.

Another misconception that many bingo newbies have is that certain numbers are called more often than others. In reality, in the most common 75-ball bingo games, every number stands a probability of 1.33% to be called. Respectively, numbers in games with more balls have a smaller chance. Best is to play on many cards in games with fewer balls which feature the total of all cards, the money prize and the cash out options.

Armed with these essential bingo strategies, you should be ready to roll up your sleeves and play!


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