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Reading books is for sissies. Alternatively, as some people say, I read the media posts, news, and emails on my phone every day. Yes, this is what many people think. Nevertheless, it is not valid, and you need to read it every day for different reasons. Therefore, here are some of the reasons why you should read every day.

1.    Reading Improves Your Brain Function

Whether you read books like the Louise Penny Books In Order or read a biography of someone well-known, it improves your brain function. This is because the more and longer you read, the more parts of the brain develop. It helps with memory and the critical thinking you use every day in your life, from school to work. The best part is that the more you read, the more you start enjoying it.

2.    Reading is a Great Way to Reduce Stress

Yes, life is stressful and no different from the past. However, reading various books helps your mind relax and forget about all the things that haunt you. The truth is that reading works faster to relax than walking, playing games, or listening to music. Reading a fascinating book starts to activate your imagination distracting you from your daily life.

3.    It Helps Improve Your Mindset

When you are well read reading, for example, the Shatter Me book series, you have empathy with more self-esteem. Reading about other people’s lives, whether fiction or nonfiction, gives you a better idea that people are humans, just like you going through different things in their lives. We all have flaws, and reading is one way of realizing this.

4.    Read to Improve Your Overall Wellness

Spending half an hour reading books does wonder for the body and mind. While you can burn calories exercising, you can do the same when reading. Research shows that people who read a lot live longer and when you read before going to sleep, it helps. However, do not stay awake all night trying to reach the book’s last page.

5.    Read Aloud To Your Kids for Lasting Impact

Do you remember when you were little attending school? What was the greatest time of the day? It was when the teacher called you to sit on the mat while she reads you a book aloud. That is why you should read the books for your children aloud from day one. Doing this cultivates outstanding reading habits leaving a lasting impact on your child. In turn, your kids end up with a higher vocabulary to become readers themselves.

Final Thoughts

The best part of why you should read every day is that you can curl up with a book and a cup of tea or glass of wine to immerse yourself in a magical world of fantasy or reality. However, on the other hand, a book is a great way to end a stressful day to enhance sleep. If you have kids, it provides you with bonding time you do not get throughout the day.

So, go ahead and find yourself a great book to read. You will not be sorry, especially if it keeps your brain young and active while losing calories. The important thing is to set an excellent example for the family instead of having their faces glued to the phone or playing video games.

You can find some great books available online, or you can take a trip with the kids to a library. The choices are endless.


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