Trips to the grocery stores are always a pain in the back. It’s time-consuming, you spend lots of money, and in no time, you will have to do it all over again. You can always count on CSAs and summer farmers markets to escape this nightmare, but it’s even more comfortable to choose to do your shopping for groceries online and get them right at your house in no time. New Yorkers love to get groceries delivered right to their home. Perhaps this will be your new life.

People see it as a way to spend more money, but studies have shown that you can actually save that money and even precious time.

Make a list

It’s advisable to make a list of all the things you need to buy. You can always just add them to cart – it’s even easier. By doing this, you also stay on a budget, because you know how much you need to spend on food each and every week. If you order ahead of time, you’ll see the exact price. Now tell us otherwise if this isn’t money saving.

Get rid of impulse buying

We all have it. We see a bag of chips on the shelf and we suddenly feel the urge to eat it. It’s very hard to resist them. Studies have shown that 40% of the spendings are made out of impulse buying.

However, if you’re at home, you won’t have the same feeling. Some believe that it’s because you cannot literally touch it. You’ll be happy to stay in budget and your exercise routine will thank you.

They are sent right at your door

That’s right. No need to carry them. No need for a second run to the market because you forgot to buy that thing you really needed. Go online and they come to you in no time. Also, they can also arrive at your house while you’re still at work, so everything will be in order when you get home. (imagine going directly home after work, with no trip to the market!)

You will not spend as much time

On the internet is easier to find all the things you need. When you’re in a market, sometimes it’s hard to see them in all the aisles. And because you find them faster with the help of the internet – guess who has more time to cook dinner and even a game of Monopoly with the family before bed.

You won’t go to the market as often as before

This usually happens because after you’ve done your online shopping, you can only focus on the necessary things that you need. You’ll spend less time wandering around; some people don’t even go to the grocery store anymore.

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