Ducted air conditioning basically means an air conditioning system which has two separate units, indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit is connected with different vents in your home with the help of ductwork. You will get cool and warm air by deploying a ducted air conditioning system. A reverse cycle air conditioner will be the best solution for your home. Nowadays everyone wants to deploy only one system which can do both heating and cooling work at their home. This type of system is generally expensive because it needs a ree-phase power supply. You should hire a professional company to install a reverse ducted cycle split system at your home because it depends on various factors like the size of the system and design. You do not need to install any separate heating system in your home to procure warmness during winter and you can use the same system for all seasons.

How would you Choose the Best Reverse Cycle Ducted Split System?

Now when you decide to install a reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system, you need to be very cautious while selecting the reverse cycle ducted split system. You need to check the warranty, cooling and heating capacity, installation guidelines and prices of different reverse cycle ducted systems and then choose the best one according to your needs.            

Things to Consider While you Choose the Reverse Cycle Ducted Split System

If you are thinking to install a new reverse cycle ducted split system in your existing house then you need to keep some important things in mind like your home parameters.

  • You have to check the levels in your home that is basically related to your home’s floor plan. Note down the dimensions of the room and also notify the direction of the room is facing.
  • You have to take the dimensions of the windows and doors including their size, position and orientation.
  • Notify the insulation level.
  • How many people currently living in home.
  • Your use of each particular area.
  • Construction you are looking for.
  • Where you want to install the outdoor unit so you will not face any noise issues.
  • Budget: It will require three phase power supply so you need to be preparing for large bills.

Features of Reverse Cycle Ducted Split System

  • You can install vents either in walls or ceilings because you will get different variety of designs.
  • Now if talk about controlling the ducted system you will generally get one controller but if you have a large house with big area then you can get multiple controllers also.
  • Controllers use the sensors and it will help them to maintain your room’s temperature. If you have big area you will most likely require multiple sensors.
  • You can also divide different zones in your home like if you don’t want a particular area to be heated or cooled then you can simply set different climate level using your controller.

Can you Save Energy Cost in Ducted Split System?

Nowadays air conditioners are made with five stars rating so that consumers can save their valuable money on electricity bills. This reverse cycle ducted split system generally don’t have energy star rating but they can save your power consumption costs. You do not need to run separate heating and cooling system anymore and you can save the maintenance cost by installing the reverse cycle ducted split system in your home.

If you are looking to install a ducted system you are recommend to hire a professional company which can guide you to install a suitable ducted system for you.

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