Roof Repairs

Accompanying the arrival of spring, with signs of new life popping up around us, we often feel that extra spark of motivation that leads to “spring cleaning” and home renovation projects. It is also a great time to take a good look at the exterior of our homes and find out if anything has been damaged during the winter. Fortunately, spring is the perfect time for outdoor updates, including roof repair and replacement.

Best Season for Roof Repairs

There is no correct or best season for roof repairs if you have a leak, damaged or missing shingles, or an ancient roof. In other words, if you need to get it done, don’t wait. However, when it is possible to plan ahead, you may find that roof repair and replacement are great projects to schedule in the spring for a variety of reasons.

Summer Preparation

Summer heat and UV rays can cause damage to your roof by drying out the natural oils in your asphalt shingles. You may see cracking, warping, or the decaying of shingles over time if you don’t prepare your roof for summer heat. Spring is a great time to inspect your roof and surrounding areas for potential or new problems and take action. In addition to roof repair, you can apply a roof coating to protect your shingles from sun and heat damage for the next few years.

Temperate Weather

By late spring, the weather tends to calm down and settle into comfortable temperatures that are ideal for working outside. Roof repair and replacement is more easily done without weather delays, unbearable heat, or ice and snow. Plus, shingles will have more time to properly adhere in place without interference from excessive heat or storms.

Company Commitment

Spring can be slower for roofing companies, so if you can get your roofing project scheduled by late spring, you are likely to beat the summer rush. This means more time and attention from your roofers, which can lead to more efficient or higher quality work. You may be able to move through paperwork, inspections, installation, and any other necessary steps more quickly without competition from other jobs the company is currently working on.

Cost Benefits

Another advantage to roof repair and replacement during the spring is the potential for saving money or having more payment options. Sometimes roofing companies will offer better deals or upgrades during times when they tend to have fewer clients. Make sure to look around for offers or ask your roofer if they have a current promotion. Also, many Americans will have just received a tax return that can be used to pay for home projects if needed.

Energy Savings

In addition to the cost benefits previously mentioned, making repairs or upgrades to your roof or attic insulation can lead to valuable energy cost savings. A roof that is prepared to withstand summer heat and winter cold will do a better job of keeping air from escaping. Your house will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature without working so hard, which saves you money on your heating and cooling bills.

Increased Home Value

Spring is also a popular time for buying and selling homes. If you anticipate putting your home on the market anytime soon and the roof is getting older, now is a great time for an update. You will add valuable curb appeal that helps get buyers in the door, as well as increase the overall monetary value of your home.


Last, but not least, keeping up on roof repair and replacing your roof when needed are both crucial to protecting your home from the elements and from damages. Waiting too long to make repairs and updates can lead to expensive structural damage, ceiling damage, leaks, and even mold or pests.

If you find roof damage on your home this spring or if your roof is nearing the end of its life, make sure to take action and set up an appointment with your roofer right away.

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