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Why Your Business Website Needs To Start Adding Articles ASAP

Building a website is just half the work for a successful online business. Just because your website is live, that isn’t to say it’ll automatically guarantee traffic. In fact, if your business doesn’t focus on proper marketing tactics, any hope for success will quickly fade.

Blogging is one such tactic that helps direct traffic to your website, organically. There are numerous different ways in which it does that, which is exactly why you should start adding articles to your website ASAP.

Blogs give you a chance to target keywords

You probably already have a list of keywords you want to rank high for. These are keywords that users input in search engines to search for businesses like yours. In order to rank higher than your competition, using these keywords wisely throughout your website is one of the most important things you can do.

But when it comes to the content, there is only so much you can write and so many keywords that you can use. That is where blogs come in. You can add tons of different blog posts on topics that are related to your target keywords, using these keywords within the posts.

Keep in mind that you need to be aware of keyword density, and to not overstuff the content with your target keywords. If you do this and your content is relevant to your industry, in time, the blog will help you rank higher for your chosen keywords.

Blogs help raise your site’s authority

The page authority of your website gives you insight on how the page would rank in a search engine results page (SERP). The higher the authority it has, the higher it would rank.

Blogs present you with a unique way to create pages on your website with higher authority. This is done when you create informative blog posts and link them to other external blogs and websites. There is a caveat though; you can’t just link to any ordinary blogs. Look for authority blogs, studies, and other reliable sources. Such links will help your page authority as search engines pick up these external links to authoritative sites so they will know that the information provided is authentic and reliable.

Search engines know how important it is for users using their platform to have access to authentic information. This prompts it to give more authority and rank pages that not only provide authentic information but back it up with links to authoritative websites. But that doesn’t mean you go overboard and add 10 external links in one post. Keep it to about 2-3 external links from well-reputed websites.

Blogs give you the chance to become a thought leader

With each article you post, you have the chance to impart knowledge onto readers. The more helpful, authentic, and informative your posts are, the higher the chance readers will refer to you for information. This presents you with the opportunity to become a thought leader within your industry and to also increase the profitability of your business.

A thought leader is an individual or business that gives its audience insights into the industry. They provide them with innovative information through content, studies, guides, and e-books, as examples, so their audience not just understands the industry but so they also add value to their business. In time, readers start to rely on them for more information, establishing them as thought leaders.

Becoming a thought leader takes a lot of time and effort. You need to constantly upload articles and content that isn’t just evergreen but is valuable, too. Once you’ve started to establish a stronger online presence you will also notice that other blogs start to link to yours, using you as a source of information, which also helps with your link building strategy.

Blogs enhance your social media marketing strategy

It can be tough to constantly think of content to post on your social media. As you develop more content for your blog, you can share them to the various social media profiles you have. This allows you to stay active and engage your followers while also getting the word out regarding the blog. So, such a marketing tactic is beneficial to both your website and social media pages.

Blog posts—along with videos and infographics—are also considered to be a useful tactic on social media to garner more engagement from followers. The best part is, you can interact and answer any questions your followers may have about the blog directly on social media.


So what are you waiting for? Although it requires an investment of your time, there are so many benefits to blogging. There is no point in wasting more time thinking about it. Starting a blog may seem like a long and daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you have a CMS-based website. With a few clicks, your blog is up and running and you can start to write about topics related to your business using your targeted keywords.

In time, you will reap the benefits blogs have to offer, from organic traffic to more leads for your business.

Author’s Bio:  Karen Evans is a former college student who, after making real money learning how to build and scale niche blogs, decided to go full time and hasn’t looked back since. After seeing so many people waste time and money trying to learn how to create websites that make money she decided to create the ever-popular StartBloggingOnline.com. So far over 9,500 new blogs have been created using her guide! When she isn’t blogging, she enjoys spending time with her family, which usually involves finding some water to cool off in!

Resources: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/proven-social-media-engagement-strategies

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