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They say that good things come in small packages. If that is the case, look no further than petite model, Natalia Marie. A self-described military brat who has lived and modeled in various locales around the world, the five foot Thailand-born stunner is as exotic and beautiful as her former war-torn homeland.

Born during the Vietnam Conflict, Marie would be adopted by American parents and go on to make a name for herself in modeling for magazines such as MAXIM and Jet Set and doing various campaigns in bikini, lifestyle, commercial and glamour.

At 44, Marie is redefining age and shattering the age -old myths of both older and Asian stereotypes. Below is my Q and A with Mrs. Marie as we talk modeling, life as a military brat, being an Asian model and her journal from Thailand to the sunny beaches of Florida.


Who Is She?

Name: Natalia Marie

Age: 44 ​

Height: 5’0​

Birthplace: Khon Khen, Thailand, raised in the United States

Measurements: 34A-29-31 ​

Notable Publications/Media: Maxim’s Finest 2017 Top 5 Third Place in the south group, Miss JetSet 2018 Top 5 Third Place in the south group​

Social Media Links: Instagram: @nataliamarie74 | Facebook Like page:  Natalia Marie and Facebook Natalia Marie Fan Group.

You have a very exotic background and look, so you feel it has helped you in modeling? I am versatile with my looks and can look as young as 28 years old even in my early 30’s.  I have had people think I had just graduated from college. I also, have a background in Acting and have been in several TV shows and movies. ​

As a self-described military brat, you’ve been a few places, what have been some of the best locales you’ve visited and modeled in? Being raised up with military parents, we have lived in West Germany, Arizona, South Dakota, Kansas and Minnesota. As an adult, I have also, lived in Wisconsin, Texas, and North Carolina. I have done most of my modeling in Minnesota as a Promotional Model, print, commercial, mannequin model, and online modeling as well, as industrial videos. ​

You think more can be done for Asian models? I think there should be more of a market for petite models in general. I am adopted and raised with an American family and now, with Instagram I have seen more and more models especially, Asian models out there.  There are all different sizes, and ethnicity of models out there. ​

What does “Glamour Girl” mean to you? Glamour girl means to me dressing nicely and all put together, having your nails, makeup, and hair done and feeling good about yourself from the inside and out. Feeling beautiful and surrounding yourself  with beautiful things. ​

Define “glamour” in your own words? Glamour is admiration because of one’s attractiveness  or mysterious appearance with class and elegance. Being refined, ladylike, and irresistible to men without even trying.

Tell us all a little about you? I started off modeling when I was 17 years old, my  Modeling and Talent agent at the time mentioned I should get into acting. I gave that a try and found myself working in films, tv, videos, and more. I am a very compassionate person when it comes to people and animals. I am very patient and kind. Having to help others out as a role model or inspiration to all, I have also, learned that I must take care  of myself as well. I am in the process of writing my own book about my life experiences, accomplishments, life, relationships, travel and more. ​

Any new projects and magazine spreads coming in 2018? Since I am getting back into the modeling, I am planning several photo shoots and a video. I like to work more with several models on a project. I plan on selling posters and placing my photos on websites. ​

What kind of model are you (IG, glamour, fashion, etc?) I am a Brand Ambassador, Commercial, Print, Bikini, Fashion, Lifestyle, Glam, and Lingerie model. ​

Thoughts on the rise in popularity of glamour models on Instagram? There are more Instagram models out there than I have ever seen or can count. I never really used Instagram as a  platform to market myself until, recently. Many Instagram models have the same look or do the botox at an early age in their 20’s. Being 44, I have not done botox and just all natural and real.

Pumpkin spice, Salted Caramel or Peppermint Mocha? Pumpkin Spice ​

With summer around the corner, what fashion and fitness tips and trends do you have for looking good and staying in shape? With fashion, I like to keep my wardrobe, classy and to be able to have key pieces to mismatch with other clothing. I like simplicity.  As far as fitness, I generally do not go to the gym to work out. If I want to work out, I do so at the comfort of my own home. ​

Any plans for spring break? I plan to rest a lot, get my sleep, network, and plan photoshoots.  I am hoping to make it out to Key West for a mini vacation. ​

Hot swimsuit trends to watch for in 2018? Anything goes. Sexy one piece swimsuits that can also, be worn as a bodysuit with shorts, skirts, or pants. ​

String bikini, thong, two-piece or bodysuit, which do you prefer? I prefer a string bikini, two piece, or a sexy one piece.

What would you say is your best feature? My best feature are my eyes and back.

What makes you feel sexy? Pampering myself,  dressing nicely and having good food and the best red wines out there. ​

What exudes sexiness? Charming, kindness and confidence. ​

Best/worst pickup line you’ve heard? Best is “Hi beautiful, how are you?”  Worse pick up line “You are looking thick and sexy!” 

What attracts you most to a man? His willingness to listen and understand, his looks, kindness, compassion, and to make me laugh and smile. ​

What is THE one hot fashion item that you must have/or get this season? Believe it or not, I have yet to get Lilly Ghalichi Glam Lashes. How ever, I do use Leyla Milani hair products.   I need more one pieces or bodysuits!

Athleisure? Fashion or fitness fad? Fitness fad.

What is your workout and fitness secret to staying in shape? I really don’t work out much.  If I do workout, it is at home. ​

What’s on your workout playlist music wise? It varies to whatever mood I am in. ​

Fave music? All kinds. I like Electronic Dance music ​

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling? Be authentic, network and most of all be creative. ​

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