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Name: Katherine Andrea González Saenz

Age: 27

Birthplace: Montería, Colombia

Social Media Links: Instagram: @kategonzalez_25 | Fan Page: Kate González | Twitter: @kategs25


Perhaps no other country not named Canada, Russia, Poland and Brazil pumps out hotties like Colombia.

Do a Instagram search or google hottest women in the world and you’re guaranteed to find at least one columbiana on it. This IS the country that produced Sofia Vergara and Shakira, you know!

There must be something in the coffee of this South American country that oozes sexual hotness in their female population.

Enter Katherine Andrea González Saenz, better known as Kate Gonzalez.

At the age of 16, the 27-year-old Colombian smokeshow started her career in modeling, starting first as a photo model of photography before working her way into different catalogs, makeup, hairstyles, bathing suits, wedding dresses and footwear among others.

In 2012, she represented her native Santander in the national reign of coffee, winning the award for best face for Jolie de vogue.

In 2015, Saenz represented Santander in the sea festivals as a princess, and worked in regional channels, Saeza was the image of many different brands. In 2017, she participated in the reality competition show, “Reality Warriors”, winning the first season among women, in the Latin girl angels category.

Outside of modeling and presenting, Saenz owns a swimwear and outfit brand, Fresa Salvaje, that sells a wide variety of swimsuits, bikinis and wild strawberry dresses, with a physical store in Bucaramanga. Kate helps with distribution points and loves what she does in designing and manufacturing the garments.

An avid sports and fitness fan, Kate loves sports, and goes to the gym almost every day, as she is fascinated by extreme sports, traveling and is a food lover. The South American stunner thinks that traveling and eating are the best pleasures in life.

Can you blame her?

Gonzalez is also a big lover of dancing, as she feels that music and dance releases a lot of stress, and uses it to help her get out of the routine of everyday life. A lover of food, dancing, working out and sports? Kate is the perfect Instagram babe for men looking for some Latin flavor in their life.

Don’t know about you, but I’ve got a plane to catch to Colombia!


Happy Woman Crush Wednesday!

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