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Woman Crush Wednesday! Q and A With Glamour Model, Jennifer Jade

Bikinis. Swimsuit. Lingerie. Welcome to Woman Crush Wednesday! INSCMagazine’s new weekly feature that will appear every Wednesday. WCW! will feature some of today’s hottest bikini, swimsuit,Instagram and fitness models in the realm of lifestyle, modeling and entertainment.

As we approach one full week of the #StayHomeLockdown order due to the coronavirus outbreak, many of us are left to find new ways to keep ourselves occupied. With nothing to do except stay in and be shelter for fear of spreading the virus, life as we know as completely been changed and altered.

In an effort to keep things light and distract, many of us can turn to social media and see the many beautiful Instagram glamour models that are all over it.

One of them being British blond bombshell in London-born glamour model, Jennifer Jade. Jade, a thirty-something stunner, has been featured on Playboy TV, FHM and Nuts is a Stuido66 TV model and host in her native England as well as being an adult content creator for MyKrush.

Below, I catch up with Jennifer as we talk modeling, dealing with haters and being a proud mum.



Name: Jennifer Jade

Age: 37

Measurements: 34F-27-37

Social Media Links: Instagram: @Jenniferjade.x | Twitter: @Jenniferjadexxx

Where are you from? London, UK

Tell Us A Little About Yourself! I’m Jenn .. I’ve been entertaining you guys for a few years now 😉 I started my glamour modelling and web cam model career on Playboy TV and now have moved to my fave channel studio66tv where we broadcast via TV and internet and have live interaction with members of the public. They can watch me live on TV and then call in and talk to me whilst watching me on TV or the internet.

I also have my own MyKrush.com fan page and Jennifer Jade website with lots of naughty, x-rated adult content for everyone to enjoy!

As a person, I like to live, love and laugh. I’m also a very spiritual person and am a sweet heart-felt girl, however I do love switching it up and becoming General Jenn  .. the ultimate, tough ass kicker ✌️ Lots of layers to this lady, lol.

What do you do for fun? I love to sing, hang out with good friends, stuff my face with junk food (mainly with chocolate), have fun on webcam and be the best mama I can be to my son ❤️

You do glamour modelling – how did you get into it? I first started out amateur modelling and was picked up by Paul Raymond Publications who produce a lot of adult publications. This then led on to features in the more softer, commercial men’s magazines such as FHM and Nuts.

Once I started appearing in magazines, within months I started my TV career on Playboy TV and then Studio66 TV which I still absolutely love doing 9-years on!

Talking one-on-one to my fans is the best ever! I mainly do a Friday night on Studio66 TV.

You are also an online adult creator, can you tell us more about that? So yeah, as well as TV, I now create my own media and sexy photos and videos to entertain all. Fans can also personally interact with me on my My Krush fan page and enjoy sexy videos and photos there, or they can check out my website JenniferJade.xxx too!

Doing My Krush and running my own website gives me full control of my adult content and career, and I get to get closer to my fans, which is amazing!

What’s the strangest request you have received from a fan? Ha ha.. You don’t wanna know! There are loads of “not so average” requests, let’s say. Probably if I had to pick… pooping is one of the more common strange requests.

Also one fan asked if I would pick their petals/leaves off, as in they pretended they were the flower and I was picking off their leaves .. slowly, one by one..

Different floats for different boats… And all boats are welcome here

Do you get any negative feedback from other women or your friends and family about being a glamour model and adult entertainer? Not from friends and family. I’ve always encountered jealousy from other women though even before I was a model. I was previously an air stewardess and it was the same then. Part and parcel of being beautiful, what can I say, haha.

Do men treat you any differently because of your job? Honestly? No… Guys have always been awesome. I understand men though, what they want and what they need.

What are your goals/dreams for the next five years? To keep smiling, keep my fans smiling and maybe record some music. Singing makes me happy.

What makes you feel sexy? Knowing that I turn guys on.

Who are your top 3 celebrity crushes? Hmmm… Bradley Cooper – that’s about it. He gets top score, lol!

Who are your idols, and why? The universe is my idol, I believe in the law of attraction.. Every person I’ve met has inspired me in some which way and for this I am thankful

What would be your ideal date – where would you go?  You know, I don’t care as long as I am with the right person – I can go and do anything in the World with someone if they are the right person.

What are your hobbies/interests? Singing, psychology and being a momma.

Tell us an unusual fact about yourself? I was in a girl band back in the day and our band went on tour and supported a very big British pop band in the ‘90s called Steps.

Finally, sum yourself up in 5 words… Mischievous, Wild, Loving, Humorous and Life Coach (yes, life coach is two words but it has one meaning, lol!)

Follow Jennifer on My Krush at: www.Mykrush.com/JenniferJade

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday!

Special thanks to Ms. Jennifer Jade and Intrigue Management for their assistance during this WCW! Q and A feature Email us at inscglamourgirl@theinscribermag.com if you feel that you have the look of being our next Woman Crush Wednesday.

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