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Sporty women.

For a man, especially a big sports loving one, there is nothing hotter or sexier than a hot woman who eats, lives and breathes sports.

While we as men all lust, crave and Insta-game on hotties on social media who could be that perfect dime or even “the one”, there is just something HOT about a woman who knows how to debate LeBron vs MJ, the Catch Rule and can even trash-talk you in fantasy football.

To me, a woman who can do all of this is hotter than any Victoria’s Secret model. Let’s be real here, a woman who looks like she is descended from Venus with the body of Aphrodite and curves like Marilyn Monroe is not only a catch but wife material, especially if she can drop post game stats the way Taylor Swift drops breakup songs.

Enter Canadian Playboy Playmate and cover girl, Khloe Terae.

Terae, born in The Six–Toronto’s hip nickname, for those not in the know—and raised in Quebec, Terae has appeared as a Playboy cover girl a record 15 times, in addition to being featured in some the world’s top men’s magazines such as MAXIM and FHM. As diverse and multicultural as her cosmopolitan birthplace, The 5’9 Quebecois-raised cutie is a walking melting pot of different ethnic mixes thanks to her Dutch and Italian background.

In addition to killing it on the runway, on beaches and across social media—where she has a combined following of 4.1 million, Terae has also modeled for numerous swimwear companies such as Ravish Sands, Veve, Montee & Wild Orchid Australia. She’s also been a brand ambassador for multiple high end products such as Industry Active, Want My Look, Nova, LVST Bunny, Gigi Label & 138 Water.

Despite being at such as a young age, Ms. Terae has traveled to and modeled in 47 different countries such as Russia, Tahiti (Bora Bora), Maldives, Egypt, Fiji, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, Scotland, Ireland.

Currently, the 24-year-old curvy stunner is the official spokesmodel for IBMS & Somnium Lifestyle. Outside of modeling, Khloe has using her fame for charity has always been important, which was displayed for Autism Speaks Disney Marathon Fundraiser (August 2016) where she received an award for most amount money raised.

She’s registered to participate, raise money & awareness for Autism Speaks Star Wars Marathon Fundraiser that take place January 2017.

As diverse and exotic as her multi-cultural background and look, Khloe’s sports teams are just as varied as she is a big fan of Italy and Netherlands in soccer—due to her mixed heritage—AC Milan in European club soccer, her hometown Montreal Canadiens and the Anaheim Ducks in the NHL, the Toronto Raptors and LA Clippers in the NBA to the Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills in the NFL.

Got all that, fellas!

Well traveled. Hot. Loves sports and is a dime piece too. That is Khloe in a nutshell.

Below is my much-awaited Q and A with Khloe as we talk modeling, sports, travelling, what it’s like to be one of the hottest most followed models in the world, how to deal with haters and how to deal with DM sliders.


Who Is She?

Name: Khloe Terae

Age: 24

Height: 5’9

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Measurements: Bust: 32DD-24-34

Notable Publications/Media: Playboy USA Cyber Girl of the Year (2015), Intl. Play­boy Playmate of the Year (2014), 13x Playboy Playmate Status, 10x Playboy Magazine Cover Girl & 12x International Center­fold, MAXIM (cover girl), Sixty6, FHM & Sports Illustrated

Social Media Links:  Facebook: @KhloeTerae (2.5m) | Instagram: @Khloe (1.4m) | Twitter: @Khloe (180k) | Snapchat: KhloeTerae (100k)

What is it about Canada that seems to produce such gorgeous women? There must be something about the girls being cold all the time from all the snow…just kidding. Canada is very multicultural and diverse due to all the ethnicities so all the women are so exotic.

As one of the biggest and most popular models across social media, how do you handle haters online? It takes years of experience at first the comments used to really affect me and I’ve learned that people that make the hateful comments it’s based on their own insecurities. My friends and family know exactly who I am so I don’t need to prove anything to the haters.

Thoughts on the rise in popularity of models on Instagram? To be honest, I think it’s great it’s a marketing opportunity for brands and for models. Great new way for different collaborations, and for spearing awareness for brands.

Best pickup line you’ve heard? Has anyone tried to slide in on your DM’s Thousands of people attempt to slide into my DMs but recently there has been a trend of people attaching photos with pickup lines. Some of the best ones are:

The image was of a spilled coffee cup and the message said, “Sorry I just spilled coffee in your DM, well do you wanna go on a coffee date with me?”

Another one was an image of a basketball and a message that said “sorry my ball bounced over my fence and into your DM’s “

Thoughts on the passing of Hugh Hefner and his legacy in the world of glamour modeling? I had the pleasure of meeting Hugh Hefner on multiple occasions and one of his handpicked models for the last 5 years for body paint at the Playboy mansion, he was always very kind and respectful to me. He changed the glamour world forever.

What does “Glamour Girl” mean to you? To be a glamour girl is to be an intendant female boss. Someone who is constantly on the move, working hard on achieving their goals in life, but the same times always has time to stay looking pretty and on point….nails done, hair done, everything did 😉

Best places you’ve traveled to and visited? At the young age of 24, I’ve traveled to 47 different countries I’ve always been blessed with being able to travel. I’ve been on 6 different planes by the time I was 6 months old. That being said the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited and as a matter a fact–even revisited–is Santorini in Greece. I can’t wait to return soon.

What is on your bucket list destinations you wish to travel to and do? My bucket list has definitely gotten smaller over the last few years as I’ve had so many great opportunities to travel to multiple amazing destinations already. My current bucket list of destinations includes Russia, Tahiti (Bora Bora),Maldives, Egypt, Fiji, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, Scotland, Ireland.

Favorite foods to eat? Oddly, broccoli has always been my favorite food. I’ve always been obsessed with greens, it’s probably because I was raised by a vegan. When I was little I used to call it, Bro-chloe.

Guilty pleasure? Chocolate covered strawberries, can’t walk past them and getting facials.

You seem to be a pretty big sports fan, per some of your photos on IG. who are your favorite teams, clubs and players? As many of you know I spend half of my time on the East coast and half of my time on the West coast. That being said I have my favorite teams on the west coast as well as the east. Let’s go ahead and start with soccer first. Italy and the Netherlands are my favorite ethnic country teams, my favorite soccer club is AC Milan.

As for north American sports, everyone knows that hockey is my favorite, and much to every Toronto’s sports fan dismay I am not a Leafs fan, I am a diehard Montreal Canadiens—also known as the Habs—fan, from the days when I lived in Québec.

However, my West Coast team is the Anaheim Ducks, because it is a smaller club it reminds me of being at home.

As for basketball my East Coast team is my home city Toronto Raptors. and my home team on the West Coast are the LA Clippers. As for baseball my East Coast team is my home city Toronto Blue Jays, and my home team on the West are the LA Angels.

My favorite football team are the much hated but most know Dallas Cowboys, because they were my grandpas favorite team, so I watched them a lot growing up, but I’ve also had a thing for the Buffalo Bills because they’re so close to Toronto and especially now that they’re doing so well.

Pumpkin spice, Salted Caramel or Peppermint Mocha? None of the above, Green Tea Latte with almond milk.

What fashion and fitness tips and trends do you have for looking good and staying in shape when the temperature drops? No matter what temperature it is outside, my most important health tip is staying hydrated. One of my favorite products that I use in the winter to keep my skin glowing and healthy looking is Dimyoor Skin Vitamin C Serum. This product has single handedly changed my skin! In the winter, I am still able to obtain my natural fresh glow that I have when I’m in LA.

For all the guys looking to buy something nice and naughty for the ladies, what do you recommend? The best thing a guy can get a girl is a gift card to lingerie store. I don’t think girls actually like it when a guy buys a girl lingerie. I can pick out something that I know will look amazing on my body and then wear it for you.

G-string, thong, frenchies or commando, which do you prefer? I’ve pretty much been a nudist my whole life, my mom says that she couldn’t even keep dippers on me before the age of 5 I would just roam naked. I still hate clothes till this day. One of my favorite catch phrases is “ I don’t wear clothes to make myself feel comfortable, I wear clothes for everyone else feel comfortable”.

What is THE one hot fashion item that you must have/or get this season? I’ve made sure that my closet is full of cheetah print this seasons, I have a feeling this trend from the 80s is making a come back.

Athleisure? Fashion or fitness fad? Depends on the day. There’s days I like to dress up and there’s days I like to dress down. Usually the colder weather makes me want to dress up, and on the more hot days you’re likely to catch me wearing a sports bra and some workout shorts.

What is your workout and fitness secret to staying in shape? It is very hard staying fit while travelling. I always try to walk whenever I can and cut out carbs as often as I can. I do squats all the time, even when I’m at a hotel room. Even if there is no gym, you can always make one.

Any future projects coming down the pipeline? 2017 was one of my best years yet, I’ve really grown in to the woman I was always meant to be and this is just the beginning. I can’t wait for what’s in store for me in 2018!

What part of the body do people tend to overlook when trying to work out? I would have to say your neck. I find that a lot of injuries have to do with people pulling their neck muscles and it’s because people tend to not realize that it’s an important part of the body that always needs to be stretched.

Describe your daily workout routine? Because I’m travelling and I’m on the go all the time it’s hard for me to go to the gym all the time. I being a contortionists definitely helped me maintain my body in such a great shape. Doing ballet and gymnastics as a child made me very flexible.

While travelling I try always do squats, Russian twists, lunges, and go on long walks in all the beautiful cities I get to visit all around the world. I’ve learnt that you don’t need a gym all the time to stay fit, there are many different ways out there to stay in shape, that you can enjoy without even realizing that you’re working out.

What’s on your workout playlist music wise? Honestly, the most motivating music for me is angry music. It pushes me to keep going I like angry Taylor Swift Songs or Hip-Hop.

Fave music? I’m a fan of all genres of music, Hip Hop is defiantly my favorite.

Within the industry, who is your modeling inspiration? While I was growing up I always looked up to different models that I wanted to look like or act like. But as I grew up I realized that I didn’t want to be like anyone else out there and just wanted to keep working on bettering myself.

I’ve come to realize that there are a lot of women that follow me that look up to me and I think the most important thing for me in 2018 is to be the best version of myself and to be a good role model for those women looking up to me.

Outside of modeling, what are your hobbies? My hobbies include going to watch live sports. I love going to watch musicals and going to the movies with my friends. I’m an avid reader and I love going on long walks especially on the beach.

What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling? Having a career as a model and a social media influencer is a lot and it’s not for everyone. People think it’s such a glamorous life but really sometimes it’s not. I don’t fly first class usually, I have to share hotels with tons of models I don’t know. You have to look at modeling as a stepping stone not a career or end goal.

I work so hard and I hustle so much it takes a lot to do what I do.

I try to make it look easy because that is appeasing for the fans but in reality, its anything but easy to be me. You need to be ready for constant criticism of your every move. If I dye my hair I’m going through a mental break down. If I do anything it’s always going to be judged.

When girls come to me for advice I always tell them to weigh their options. If this isn’t what you’re going to want to do with in the next 5-10 years then don’t commit to it, because it is a lot of hard work so be prepared because nothing comes easy in this world.

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday!

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