The process of restumping is also known as re-blocking and it involves replacing a defective, as well as rotted timber stumps. There are a lot of things to notice in house leveling and restumping services as most of the reported problems include disappearing with advance payments, work is redone, crooked floors, squeaking floors, unexpected damages in windows, walls and plumbing. So, always ensure that the condition of the stumps before starting any work.home

Select the Stumps

The first and the foremost thing is to choose the required type of stumps. There are different kinds of stumps from which you can choose your required one. The various stumps are as the following:

  • Timber Stumps: Timber stumps are usually rot-resistant and are cheaper when compared to concrete stumps. Even though it has a limited lifetime, it doesn’t affect the occupants who are living in the house for about 20 years.
  • Concrete Stumps: These stumps are of different types and are made secured with 10mm threaded rod along with the concrete pad footing. The 10mm threaded rod makes the stump bolted with the floor frame to prevent it from upward as well as downward movement. The concrete pad also helps in protecting against the footing settlement which is for a long term.

Choosing Right Contractor

After choosing the appropriate stump, you should be very careful in selecting an experienced as well as reliable contractor while availing the house leveling and restumping services. Also, the contractor must have enough jacks of hydraulic so as to lift the building. Usually, one jack is needed for every stump. Using a few numbers of jacks will end in causing costly and severe damage to framing and plaster-work.

Always Consider The Following Points:

  • Stump types that are going to be used.
  • Choose the spacing between stumps.
  • Obtain the council permit for your building.
  • After completing, floors have to get back to the level.
  • Work should be in accordance with the building regulations.
  • Starting and the completion date.
  • If the floorboards have to be removed, in what condition it will be reinstated again and the person who will be responsible for it.

Compare the quotations with several contractors to ensure that everyone is at the same level. Also, remember that the lowest price will always include poor stump choice which can create many disasters in future. Once the quotes have been received, check the bonafide of contractors and also ask the names and phone numbers of at least, two persons, where they have done work recently. Check with the people whether they are satisfied with their work or not. You can also contact the surveyor to know about their work and also ensure whether the council is satisfied with their work or not.

Monitoring The Work After Commencing:

After commencing the work, it is very important to supervise it in a careful manner. Some of the common faults that occur includes:

  • Floors may not be re-leveled in a proper manner and it can be ascertained with the dumpy level or the spirit level.
  • Stumps may not be securely fixed to the bearers.
  • Stumps may not be positioned directly with the joining point of two bearers.
  • It will may not be located over the pads centrally.
  • There is not any ant cap between the bearers and stumps.

If the new stumps are installed after removing the jacks, then holes should be filled with the well-compacted earth. The final payment must be made only after all the works have been completed as stated in the contract and the work meets your satisfaction. You can also get advice from some organizations that have done inspections for many buyers as well as homeowners. Also, the home inspection will help you to know the exact condition of the property that you would like to repair, purchase or renovate.

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