Do you wish to stay indoors with your girlfriends or do you want to go out? You could be having trouble deciding what to do with your friends as you try to get something cheap yet fun. The key is to have fun and survive the insanity of your friends. Support and cheer each other.

Laugh and make memories. Here are some funny, but inexpensive girls’ night out activities you will love.

Go for photo shoots
Having a photo shoot with friends is definitely fun, and all you need are cute outfits, a camera, and a venue. You can even use your phone camera. You do not need to struggle to have a fun shoot. Moreover, you can be your own photographer. You will get beautiful photos to share with your social media fans while at the same time, have a good time with friends at no cost.

Visit aquarium
At the aquarium, you will enjoy watching shows and spending time with animals at a low cost. It is an excellent way to spice up your friendships. Most people overlook this idea, but it is an inexpensive way to learn more about your surrounding and have your girlfriends close.

Movie night
Rather than going to the club, going with some of your girlfriends to the movie is an excellent alternative. Some people might feel like movies are a bit expensive, but still, they are considered as one of the affordable girls night out ideas.

Going to the mall for window shopping
Girls love shopping, but when the wallet does not allow them to, it is always a good idea to go window shopping. Doing it with your girls will be exciting, and you do not have to spend even a cent for it.

Have dessert
Spend time tasting the sweetest cakes with your friends. Get to stuff their faces with creams. Take pictures and make memories. You do not have to eat up a whole pie to enjoy. Just a small piece that will cost you less and you could end up having a few drinks to spice it up. It is affordable especially if you decide to go to a local restaurant.

The beach
You can decide to spend the whole day or just a few hours at night enjoying the breeze. It is an excellent way to hang out with your girlfriends at little or no cost.

Wine tasting
Take your friends along for a wine tasting event. You may also decide to stay indoors and purchase a few bottles of different inexpensive wine. Taste them all as you talk and have fun. Who knows; you might end up discovering your best wine.

Nobody hates baking, and baked foods are almost everyone’s favorite. You can invite your friends over and have a baking party. You can decide to do it together or compete to find out who bakes best.

A sleepover
This is the best way to spend a night with your friends. Get to talk, bring out throwback memories. Watch your favorite TV shows, do makeup and have those girls talks.

Board games
What could be more fun than sitting down with your friends to play an intense board game? You might have as much fun as you did when you were young.

Regardless of what you choose to do with your friends, ensure that you are ready to let your friends in, forget about other issues such as jobs and heartbreaks and make it a night with your friends. Going to Hunks The Show is also an excellent way to have your friends close and enjoy watching the best male dances. A girls night out does not mean no boys around.

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