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Women: Q and A With Model/Actress Haley Lane

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They say that potentially great things come in small packages. But talent is evident regardless of stature.

From a personal point of view, height in the world of modeling and acting is underrated, as there has been a long list of short actors and actresses that are some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and runways around the world.

That being said, with it being summer and a time to chill at home and watch your favorite summer series on Netflix or Freeform, or curl up on the couch and read your favorite magazine.

With both Hollywood and fashion houses always on the lookout for fresh new faces, one of them may be Haley Lane.

Lane, a native of Houston, Texas has the type of look that translates both onscreen and in fashion magazine pictorials, as she has already built up an impressive portfolio at the still young age of 19. You may not know her right now, but blessed with a combination of mesmerizing green eyes, fair skin and a head-turning slender and petite 5’2 frame, don’t be surprised to see more of the lovely Lane on the silver screen and in modeling shoots in the near future.

Below is a Q and A with Haley in which we discuss her hopes and dreams in the world of modeling and acting.


Image/Eleon’s Photography

Name: Haley Lane

Age: 19

Height: 5’2″  Yes, I’m a shortie. 🙂

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Measurements: 33-22-32

R.C. Brands modeled for:

H.L. “As far as clothing brands are concerned, I haven’t modeled specifically for many yet, although I have several brands interested in me working with them in the near future.

But so far I have specifically modeled for Tereza Suessman Designs, an amazing fashion designer based in Houston, Texas, and Beverly Lingerie based in Los Angeles, California.

I have promotional modeled for various companies including Budweiser, Budlight, Swisher Sweet Cigars, and FireXDisc Grills.”

R.C. Favorite place to shoot:

H.L. “So far it is Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. It was so awe inspiring!”


R.C. The most exciting aspect of modeling:

H.L. “I absolutely love receiving images from photographers. It’s a strange feeling to look at yourself and see how your appearance can change depending on the clothes, lighting, makeup and hair artistry. The creative themed shoots are the best! Modeling also gives you many amazing opportunities to meet successful and inspirational people and make prominent connections.


R.C. Tips for looking good and staying cool in the summer:

H.L. Ha! Are you kidding me? I live in Texas. Not much I can do to help with that issue.”


R.C. Who is your inspiration?

H.L. “Honestly, the mirror. I’ve decided to run into this industry head on and just do my own thing.”


R.C. What first inspired you to go into modeling?

H.L.Growing up I would have people walk up to me and “You are so pretty that you should be a model!”. So I just thought to myself, “You know what? I only have one life, so maybe I should take a leap of faith and just try it out!” I’m so glad I did.”


R.C. Hobbies outside modeling:

H.L. Acting! I am currently the lead female role in Face2Face an independent film directed by Ku Truong and shot my first jewelry tv commercial for Saigon Network a few weeks ago. This week, I modeled LenaAnn designer handbags by LenaAnn Johnson for a tv talk show. Last month, I was one of the leads in T-Wayne’s newest music video that drops soon, and next week I will be in another!”

I really enjoy spending time with loved ones, trying new restaurants, dancing and having fun. Life is short. I like learning new things. I especially adore traveling and visiting new places. And we can’t forget about shopping sprees! :D”


R.C. Sports?

H.L. “Frankly, I’m not into sports at all.”


R.C. What are some of your favorite cities to travel to?

H.L. “Out of all the many places I’ve visiting, the few cities that have left an imprint on my heart is Wenzhou, China, and Frericksburg, Texas. Many amazing memories and gorgeous sights.”



R.C. Advice for other women interested in the industry:

H.L.The mirror is your best friend. Practice the most minute change in expressions and poses. Don’t get piercings or tattoos unless you plan on being an alternative model, which is much harder to succeed in professionally.

Network, network, network! 

Establish good relationships with photographers, stylists, designers, makeup artists, and other models. Connections can either make or break you career!

Understand that it takes time to establish a standing and you’ll be working for free for a couple of months to build your portfolio of images.

And another tip; make sure that this is something you are truly passionate about. Modeling isn’t always as glamorous as it appears!

Special thanks to Ms. Haley Lane for assisting with the Q and A. Images used are property of their respective owners and used with permission.

Follow Haley Lane on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

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