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A Women’s Money In The Bank Match Is Just What WWE Needs

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I know I’ve been very critical of WWE and its position with the women of SmackDown Live. If I may, I’d like to reverse field a bit, and congratulate company for making a decision that is beneficial not only to the blue brand but a huge benefit to the women who work hard on the company’s roster.

When Shane McMahon came out Tuesday night and announced that there would be a women’s Money in the Bank match to determine the number one contender to the women’s title, it’s signaled the WWE was moving forward to make SmackDown Live just as relevant as it’s big brother Monday Night Raw. The news also means that there will be a huge push for the women on Tuesday nights, as they have taken a step back from their sisters that wear red.

Tamina, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Carmella and Natalya will all climb the ladder, with the hope of securing the golden briefcase. If this is as drama-filled as the men’s matches of recent years, this could be a “Match of the Year Candidate.”

If anything, WWE has tried to make women within the company as relevant as the men with matches they have never been part of before. “Hell in a Cell” matches, Kendo stick matches, and now this type have been introduced I applaud McMahon and the creative team for coming up with this kind of concept.

The “New Era” of this company is developing into something special. While the McMahons and WWE have taking chances with Jinder Mahal as it’s Tuesday night champion, and the Extreme Rules “Fatal Five Way” match, the feel of the company in the business is leaning more towards the Attitude Era, which we all know is the greatest time in sports entertainment history.

Unfortunately, and this is where I become the cynic, there must be more. If WWE is going to give the women on both rosters the opportunity to exceed all expectations, then moving forward the creative team must be more innovative. I’m not sure how that happens. I do know that this is a step in the right direction.

This also gives WWE a chance to create different storylines when it comes to Naomi, the current SmackDown live champion. It also almost guarantees Charlotte will not win the match. Things that are too obvious are things WWE should shy away from.

Tamina hasn’t been part of a world title program in years. While the other women in this match appear to be more high-profile in their popularity, this could be the chance WWE pulls the trigger on that “newness.”

Since Nia Jax took to her Twitter account and talked about the talented blue team for using all of its women in the title picture, wouldn’t it be prudent for both the neophyte on Monday night and the veteran on Tuesday night to be key components in holding women’s gold? This kind of match, which will test everyone’s abilities, it is perfect to determine the New Era of women in WWE. It exceeds any “revolution” Stephanie McMahon spoke of two years ago.

Now WWE, with the help of the McMahons, must promote this match like it is the best part of the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. The build must be strong, the match is leading up to the event must be epic. If WWE and the women can pull this off, there will be plenty of opportunities for different and exciting matches women have yet to explore while working in the McMahon circus.

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