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Wrestling: Tips To Become A Good Wrestler


February 7, 2017

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By Niki Tech

Wrestling is a game in which two challengers fight hand to hand to pin or press each other’s shoulders to the rug or ground, with the smartness, guidelines, and rules opposing widely in incompetent and expert matches. It is a contested sport involving struggling type practices such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks and managing holds. The sport can be dramatic or genuinely cutthroat. There are wide-ranging styles with changing rules with both old notable and modern styles. Embrace wrestling techniques into other soldierly arts as well as military hand-to-hand warfare systems.

Certain guidelines should be well-thought-out to become a good wrestler.

1. Training is the key –An experienced coach must be there to train the wrestlers. An expert trainer is proficient with the training strategy. They don’t overdo the training that you lose muscle rather they will train in the proper dose.

2. Acquainted with all the basics, fundamentals and details of the sport-A good wrestler must be familiar with all the basics and fundamentals of wrestling. They should execute all the knowledge according to the need of the hour situation in the match.

3. Acquired skills to stands to your moves so you can confidently get out of dangerous situation-A wrestler must be aware of his moves so that he can confidently face the situation.

4. Sound stand-up –It is appreciable to be able to make a sound stand up.

5. Analysis all the moves that you recognize in your head, and drill a little timely and toil on them with your training mate.

6. Under no circumstances go short of food – Wrestlers must eat smartly and shun fatty food. Many wrestlers don’t take proper balanced and nutritious diet. As a result, their body become too weak to participate in training or practice. After gaining weight, they go out and overdo. All these habits turn out in frail health.

7. Request for aid- If a wrestler is not confident about a move, he should appeal for help. Don’t let egotism grow in the way. He will be contented when he calls for assistance if it comes at the time of the match. Always use a best headgear to protect your ear while getting the comfort at same time.

8. Practice creates faultlessness. If wrestler rehearses regularly, he will become the master in performance. If they are training things in practice, then they will perform those moves in a real match. Every time attempt to accomplish your moves how they should be carried out in the competition.

9. Have core and the keen desire to achieve victory. Have faith in your skill and ability. Go out passionate and play with complete enthusiasm and dedication. The hard work and efforts will help in taking the wrestler to the path of success.

10.Always be one step ahead of your rivals. Always eager to learn and acquire new and different moves so that your challenger will have a tough time refuting it. In every move, there should be thirst to defeat a rival.


A wrestler should have thorough knowledge about the move. Just a move works for somebody else, and this does not apply at all that it is entirely appropriate for you. The move has to act or perform for you, and you must have self-assurance in it.

You should keep your body healthy and well hydrated. Sometimes wrestlers try to learn so much in the beginning that they are unaware of the fact that excellence is always better than quantity. It should be taken care of that few moves like stand up, take down, pinning combo, reversal must be accomplished and succeeded. While all the moves don’t suit on every wrestler, actually the move are much better suited for people of different body types. Every week an attainable goal should be fixed which will help in accomplishing the targets of the match.

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