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WWE NXT: Sanity and Authors of Pain are similar to the Shield and the Wyatt Family

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As we saw on episode of NXT, Sanity members Alexander Wolfe and Kilian Dain will challenge Authors of Pain for the NXT Tag Titles at Takeover in Brooklyn. While this will probably be a decent match, there is one thing that the WWE has a problem.

You very rarely see the WWE book two heel teams in a feud. The biggest reason for this not happening is who do the fans end up cheering for. When you have two heel teams like Authors of Pain and Sanity, you don’t give the fans a team to get behind. Another thing this also shows is how depleted the tag team scene is in NXT. As of this writing, the only tag teams you have are Authors of Pain, Sanity, TM-61, and Heavy Machinery. However, Heavy Machinery already had there shot at the NXT Tag titles and TM-61 has not been on TV for most of 2017. So you are pretty much left with Sanity as the only opponents left.

Since we are still a few weeks away from these two teams colliding, the booking will be interesting to look at. You have two teams in Sanity and Authors of Pain that have pretty much run rough shot through NXT. The way these two teams have been booked, it reminds me of the Shield and the Wyatt family when they both came on the main roster. For most of 2014, the Shield and the Wyatt Family ended up running through the tag team division just like Authors of Pain and Sanity are doing now. However, the only difference is that when the Shield and Wyatt family ended up colliding, it wasn’t over the tag titles.

The Wyatt Family and the Shield ended up colliding at the Elimination Chamber event right before Wrestlemania 30. Going back to Sanity and Authors of Pain, I see this being the rare time when a heel vs. heel program will work. Let’s be honest, WWE didn’t have any other team that they could have put here.

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