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WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn reactions and recap

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If you did not hear my predictions before tonight’s NXT Takeover, then here they are. Ember Moon and Bobby Roode both win their debut matches, No Way Jose defeats Austin Aries, Gargano and Ciampa become the new NXT Tag title holders; Asuka retains the woman’s title, and Nakamura becomes the new NXT championship.

Now we are just coming off the second NXT Takeover in Brooklyn, New York, and all I can say is, “Indie and TNA wrestlers were the ones who dominated.” The opening match saw Austin Aries go up against No Way Jose who was making his debut on an NXT Takeover special. In my predictions, I had No Way Jose winning, and I was wrong as Austin Aries ended up winning. After this match, Hideo Itami came out and gave Austin Aries a GTS. So by all accounts, Aries and Itami will be feuding now. I thought this was a match that was done well, but my only thing I question is the booking. You are thin at the main event level as I expect Samoa Joe to be heading to the main roster soon. Right now the only good guys you have in the main event scene in NXT are Roode, Nakamura, and Itami. I don’t expect No Way Jose to be NXT Championship, but I figure you can bring him up the card in NXT.

The next two matches saw the debuts of Ember Moon and Bobby Roode. Lets look first at Ember Moon. She fought Billie Kay in her debut match. The match was short as it was under five minutes but I felt they showed her at enough capacity that she will be pushed greatly, and I can see her being the next one to feud with Asuka for the NXT Woman’s Title. On the other hand, Bobby Roode made his in-ring debut against Almas. Like I said in my predictions, Roode went over which is what was expected.

I feel with both Ember Moon and Booby Roode that they will get pushed to the top of the cards real quick. The next match they had was a match that match that brought down the house as Gargano and Ciampa were going up against the Revival for the NXT Tag Titles. In a bit of surprise, the Revival ended up going over. This result was probably the most confusing end to a match. I figured Gargano and Ciampa were going to get the belts here and have them feud with Authors of Pain. I would find it stunning if WWE decides to put the tag titles on a team other than Gargano and Ciampa. But I feel they still made them strong. I expect when the next set of call-ups occur for the main roster, I figure to see one of these two teams head up to the main roster.

The last two matches of the night saw Asuka defeat Bayley in what was probably her final NXT match for the NXT Woman’s Title and Nakamura defeated Samoa Joe for the NXT Title. The biggest thing to mention was towards the end of the main event. It looked like Samoa Joe injured his jaw.

Overall, it was a great card however I felt some of the matches were very predictable. My predictions for the next NXT Takeover are Ember Moon vs. Asuka for the NXT Woman’s Title; Bobby Roode vs. Nakamura for the NXT title; Gargano and Ciampa vs. the Revival vs. Authors of Pain for the NXT Tag titles, and Austin Aries vs. Hideo Itami. There will be other matches as well, but these are some of the matches I am figuring we are going to see. Tune in on Sunday night because after Summerslam I will have a recap of the biggest summer event.

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