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WWE: NXT Takeover would be the ideal spot to debut Alesiter Black

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The night before Wrestlemania, the superstars of NXT will take the stage for NXT Takeover: Orlando. I am starting to feel that this is where we will see the debut of Alesiter Black (aka Tommy End). If you have been watching NXT the past couple of weeks, we have been seeing vignettes for Tommy End. The only part that makes it interesting is that there is no date to a debut and that’s why I feel it will be at NXT Takeover.


Since NXT has started doing Takeovers, they have had some major debuts occur. For instance, Takeover Brooklyn of 2016 saw the debut of Ember Moon. Another debut that comes to mind that happened at an NXT Takeover show was when Samoa Joe made his debut confronting then NXT Champion Kevin Owens. Now if you have him debut at Takeover, what should he do? Well, if you look at the most wrestler to debut on NXT in Kassius Ohno he made his on screen debut after NXT Takeover in San Antonio. He would later then make his official debut a few weeks later.

In regards to the debut of Alesiter Black, you can have him debut at NXT Takeover and have him fight Kassius Ohno. I figured since there is no opponent for Ohno at the show and these two stars have had great battles. The one that I can recall was when they had a match at a PWG event and had a match of the night . I figure this would give Tommy End his WWE moment and if they are allowed to show what they can do, it will be a phenomenal match.

I also would like to see these two feud to give them both great work to do. Also people are looking for that next Cesaro/Zayn type of feud that those two stars had a few years back at NXT. In all honesty, I think a feud with Kassius Ohno and Alesiter Black could be close to that. NXT Takeover is April 1st and is being headlined by Bobby Roode and Nakamura for the NXT title.

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